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  1. If you want to work in California, then Civil PE. I have BS in Env Engineering and Civil PE because in California, there is no Environmental PE.
  2. The title of this thread should say "Wastewater Chemistry Question". Also, this seems way harder than anything on the PE.
  3. Wait until you take the surveying exam...
  4. EnvEngrCA

    CA Results

    Congrats to all that passed! Its a great feeling. Enjoy it!
  5. Is anyone a board certified environmental engineer, or thinking about applying in the future? The certification is issued by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers.
  6. I took hiner, but not EET. Hiner's webinar and book is on point. I studied a lot for this exam due to it being a brand new subject for me, but Hiners materials were great. Everything was there and his book (and some codes) were all I needed on the exam. Great reference! I highly recommend his course (along with a lot of studying!!).
  7. I got the wallet card. You also got a certificate?
  8. I used mansour to learn the basics, then took a ton of practice exams to get the whole time thing down.
  9. I agree 100%. I had no experience in seismic (I studied environmental engineering in college and work in drinking water now) and hiners course and book made seismic make sense. To me, surveying was the hardest subject. I recommend the mansour book and do lots of timed practice exams. Time is the biggest constraint with surveying.
  10. Congrats!! That surveying test was rough..so glad I passed too!!
  11. I just got the email. Passed surveying.. Finally a PE after this long journey. I'm about to cry.
  12. Wow! Kudos to you for the perseverance. Congrats!
  13. Yep. Looks like tomorrow (hopefully)
  14. Ah I feel you I'm 2/3 just need surveying
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