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  1. I passed!!! My Gatech binder was my bible for the last three months.
  2. I too took the test last April, and like you I finished all the calculation problems in about an hour. I spent the next 3 hours flipping through my text books for answers I couldn't find. I still don't know what to study this time around, the only changes I'm making is bringing 3inch binder with over 400 pages of information.
  3. vang83

    CI volume 1 #10

    I'm curious about this problem as well. Every time I do this problem I choose "C", the output of a full-wave rectifier.
  4. The real exam is alot like the NCEES practice exam? Just as confusing too. Think about how you felt the first time you took the practice test. You must have sat there just trying to figure out what they were asking, one wrong assumption and you got the question wrong. All the possible wrong answers will be on the test, so triple check your work. The questions that I wasn't prepared for were the word questions, such as "how does this relay operate"? The difference is, there were less calculated problems and more application types of problems. Then again, I've been told the PE exam changes all the time.
  5. Also as a tip to anyone taking the PE for the first time, the PE exam is composed of about 50% calculations and 50% word questions. I was able to answer all the calculation problems in about an hour in both AM and PM. Spent the next 3 hours flipping through my notes for answers I couldn't find. This time around not only am I studying how to do the problem, but how to apply the problem as well.
  6. I still don't know how a 50/51 relay works. Is there really a different pick up current setting for the 50 relay? Anyone here with experience of the 50/51 relay? I've taken the PE exam once before, and the 50/51 relay does come up. And like always the NCEES questions are never clear about what they're asking. I can't repeat the question asked on the PE exam, but I will say that only someone who is familiar with a 50/51 relay will be able to answer that question. Please help..
  7. vang83

    NCEES 135

    The question states "Assume terminal voltage (Et) = 1.0 pu" So you solve for the internal generated voltage Ei = Et + IX
  8. I'm also assuming that there's different settings for the 50 relay. Can any one else confirm this? Thanks
  9. With a multiple pickup current of 3.6 shouldn't the instantaneous unit trip @ 0.02s? What I am confused about is when does the instantaneous unti (50) trip? Any help or information regarding a 50/51 relay is apprecianted. Thank You Vang83
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