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  1. Correllation between GPA and pass rate?

    I echo several of the comments stated earlier. I would also add that having a sound test taking strategy is just as important as your knowledge. What are the questions you tackle first? How do you assign a priority to a question? In the case of EE Power, do you answer all NEC questions on one pass so you don't go back and forth between the NEC book? You can know material back and forth but if you spend too much time on questions you won't get enough points to pass. That's why it's so important to practice sample tests just as if you were taking the real thing. Also, organize your reference material so that you can quickly find solutions. Don't assume that you'll be able to find something just because you know it's in the book somewhere. Tab sections, cross-reference, etc.
  2. My Experience With the Power PE Exam

    Agreed! The handbook is all I used too.
  3. Mechanical Background working in EE & take EE PE

    My personal opinion is that 3 months is cutting it very close. It took me about 4-5 months but I'd also been out of college almost 25 years. I was pleased with the GA Tech course. I'm not familiar with Zach Stone's EPR course but I have heard good things about it from other forum members. Any course you take I recommend using other complementary resources. Those can be found if you browse through the forums. Excellent advice is available from this forum.
  4. Signed up for the GT Course. Let's Go.

    Just realized the thread is old. But my previous post may help someone else
  5. Signed up for the GT Course. Let's Go.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANSI_device_numbers You may already this but it is also helpful. Easy points
  6. Electrical PE Exam - Oct. 2017

    If you didn't pass don't be discouraged. I'm proof that it can happen after multiple tries. I didn't take the FE until I was 8 years removed from college. passed and took the PE the next cycle and failed. Took it again the next cycle and failed again. Got gun shy for 17 years. Finally decided to take it again in April 2014. Isolated myself for 5 months and finally passed. The big difference that time was the EB, internet and YouTube. It can be done.
  7. Electrical PE Exam - Oct. 2017

    I haven't forgot. Been busy but should be able to forward tonight or tomorrow
  8. Less Enthusiasm?

    True. There are also several other factors. A lot of doctors initially don't start off with great salaries. Think of the ones who slog their way in emergency rooms. Also the hours are crazy. If you look at the average salaries of all engineers to all physicians the amount is comparable. Some smaller market general practitioners actually make less. Now when it comes to surgeons, anesthesiologists, etc. they can make quite a bit. But their day-to-day routine is truly life or death. Not saying we don't deserve more, just saying in general the difference may not be that great.
  9. Demand and energy management/calculations

    PM me your email.
  10. Demand and energy management/calculations

    Yes. Give me a day or so.
  11. Thank you EB

    Congratulations!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Special Applications Print outs?

    Maybe this will help someone in April 2018. Energy management info. I have a copy of that if needed. Just PM me your email. ANSI device numbers. Wikipedia has a full list of these. Power electronic circuit diagrams. I also have info on this. Power factor correction tables. That's included in my energy management info.
  13. Electrical PE Exam - Oct. 2017

    DGX is bringing sexy back.
  14. Electrical PE Exam - Oct. 2017

    So is DGX a Dollar General on steroids? Don't have any of those around here. (I know. Totally unrelated question.)
  15. One Week (+1 day) left

    In that order?