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  1. KatyLied P.E.

    Reliability References

    If you PM me your email I will forward you some information.
  2. KatyLied P.E.

    Exam Day Strategy

    Confused about that also. Used 2 main 3-rings and 1 smaller supplementary. The big issue was for the notes not to be loose but they did not have to be permanently bound. at least that's the way it was in Alabama in 2014.
  3. KatyLied P.E.

    Exam Day Strategy

    I did not do a binder for each subject but I did prepare two large 3-ring binders where I had a tab for each subject. I also used a "5-pass" system to answer questions which I'll post more about that a little later.
  4. I used a very similar multi-pass method. In the case of the Power exam I had a additional pass where I just focused on NEC/NESC questions. That way I minimized having to go back and forth between the code books and the rest of the reference material. Funny. on my last pass I used the "most used" letter as opposed to the least. I'm sure there is someone who was successful by splitting the difference and using the letter in the middle. The way I see it, try to apply some semblance of logic to your guesses.
  5. KatyLied P.E.

    For people who've taken PE exam multiple times

    I passed on my third time so I know how frustrating it can be. My first two times were in the late 90's. I got gun shy and did not attempt again until 2014. Obviously tests that were that far apart were totally different. I will say if you have to take it multiple times focus more on test taking strategy. Spinup has a great strategy in that you use a multiple pass approach to answer questions. it requires an initial evaluation of all the questions and assigning a point system 1-5 Answer easy questions that don't require looking at material Answer NEC/NESC questions. Using one pass to focus on Code means you don't go back and forth between Code books and the rest of your material. (Complex Imaginary' s NEC prep book is EXTREMELY helpful) Answer questions which only require a quick look at reference material Answer questions which require a longer look at reference material Guess on the rest. Pick whatever letter/number that is trending on the other answers Also, by the time I made my third attempt the internet was in full effect. From a resource standpoint that made a world of difference. As I was studying, if I did not know the answer to a study question I'd Google and was able to find what I needed a significant number of times. Finally, if you haven't done so, take a review course. I have kids also and had a limited amount time to study. A good course can flatten the learning curve while giving you good structure. I found the GA Tech course to be extremely helpful.
  6. KatyLied P.E.

    Practice Problems Materials for Power Exam

    Agreed. In all candor, even if it was OK to sell, you don't get the full benefit of the class by just studying the binder and not viewing the lectures. I realize the course is costly but I think it's a good value and it certainly helped me. Just my two cents.
  7. KatyLied P.E.

    Review Course

    I finally passed it four years ago and was very pleased with GA Tech's course. I've also heard good things about Zach Stone's course and the School of PE. If the NEC was a problem I recommend, among their other books, Complex Imaginary's NEC code drill book. My approach to the test was to take several passes on exam day as listed below: 1) all easy problems that I could solve without referring to materials 2) All Code problems 3) Problems that I felt good about but required me to use materials. 4) problems that I felt somewhat good about 5) Problems that I had no clue about but had to guess. In those cases I looked at what my other answers were and chose the letter/number that trended most. Any problem that could not be worked on their respective pass was moved to the next go around. By doing all Code problems on the same pass you minimize having to go back and forth between the Code book and other references. If you PM me I'll be glad to send you a detailed guide to my study method. By no means am I an expert. Just telling you what worked for me.
  8. KatyLied P.E.

    If you fail the PE power, buy these books

    Exactly!! To a certain extent I felt the same way about Spinup. Also ,not sure if this has already discussed but CI's NEC prep book was invaluable.
  9. KatyLied P.E.

    Waiting for CBT?

    Echoing blewis' advice. Any decision you make now is premature. Wait and see what your results are. You may have passed and your question goes away. if you didn't pass see what your weak areas are. It may not be as much of a test format issue as you thought but it may involve different resources or reorganizing your resources that day. When the time comes, if it's necessary for you to ask there are plenty of us who will be happy to share our genius organizational skills. In the meantime, think positive thoughts and drink a responsible amount of overly expensive craft beers.
  10. KatyLied P.E.

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    Exactly!! I shut myself off from my family for five months while studying. Time that I will never get back but you have to do what you have to do. Getting back in the groove was a welcome relief after all that exam prep. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. KatyLied P.E.

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    By all means do what works best for you regarding daily practice problems. However, I'd recommend postponing problems until after you get your results. starting again so soon can lead to second guessing and anxiety. What's done is done. Try to clear your ,mind and wait on your results. I felt like I needed to start studying again the day after my exam. A friend told me to hold off and I was glad I did. Even if you don't pass this time the mental and emotional relief from a study break will put you in a better position the next. Besides, you may have passed.
  12. KatyLied P.E.

    One week out from the test advice

    I'd go so far as recommending you dedicate one round on JUST Code questions. That way you won't go back and forth between Code books and other reference materials.
  13. KatyLied P.E.

    One week out from the test advice

    +1 on the part about getting logisitics squared away. I visited the test site a couple days ahead at thesame time I'd be taking the test. That gave me a good feel for what traffic was going to be like I found out where I needed to park and took a peek inside the test roomI. Also, some extra advice for test day. Bring a bag lunch. That way you won't have to worry about finding a restaurant and/or getting stuck in a long line. I went back to my car and ate my sandwiches and chips. This also meant that I didn't end up second guessing myself by eating around other test takers and heaing their conversations.