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  1. Just to provide a counterpoint - I took both 8 hour SE exams on the Friday-Saturday in one exam administration. I took the exams in Chicago because I "needed" the SE in Illinois and at the time, Illinois was not granting reciprocity for the SE taken in other jurisdictions. I drove 8 hours to Chicago on Thursday and back home on Sunday. I wanted to put in more time studying, but I only got about 200 hours of exam prep specifically for these exams. I have posted about my prep, my circumstances, and my thoughts about it in other threads, so I won't reiterate all of that here. What I wanted to emphasize in this thread is that I dedicated the entire weekend to the SE exams. Staying in a hotel away from home may have been helpful for me. I restricted my diet and fluid intake over that weekend and adhered to a strict bedtime with the help of a sleep aid. I limited tv watching and reading over the weekend. I did not access internet or e-mail over the entire weekend. If anyone reading this wants more of that sort of nitty gritty detail, PM me. My point being, it doesn't take that much more planning and discipline to take and pass both exams in one administration. But the real issue here, in my opinion, is whether or not you are the type of person who can make the sacrifices to take both and whether or not you have the discipline to stick to the schedule and not allow yourself to be distracted over that weekend. In the end, I felt that the lateral was easier than the vertical and I felt really good about my performance on both days. I found the experience was challenging, but invigorating and I'm happy as hell that I took and passed them both in one weekend. It is realistic for some people to prepare for and successfully execute the examinations in one administration. It's up to each and every one of us to honestly assess our individual situations and determine whether or not to attempt both exams in one weekend.
  2. You can try amazon marketplace for used copies. Abe books is another online retailer of used books. There are others, too. Be sure that you're buying the item you want, i.e. - check ISBN numbers and so forth. A lot of used booksellers aren't going to be hip to variances in NCEES sample exams from year to year or discipline to discipline.
  3. Any specialty boards are full of astroturfers, too. Cue the Claude Rains .gif and quote from Casablanca. I'm shocked that Gov't intelligence agencies are doing underhanded things including attacking citizens of their own nationality! In this world, at this point in time, someone is constantly trying to take advantage of you. It only works if you let them...
  4. I took the SE in Chicago April 2013. I didn't bring practice problems or solutions, but I did bring ring binders. NCEES criteria for materials are what they now use (as stated previously). The proctors checked my admission ticket and calculators, they weren't interested in my references.
  5. I have a Civil PE outside CA, I'm in the process of applying and would sit for seismic and surveying this Fall. I also have an SE, so assuming my application is accepted and I pass the exams this Fall, I understand I would just have to apply for the CA SE three years from now. The CA PE will be useful for my current position. I'm not sure I would need to go for the CA SE in my current position, but I would probably do it anyway. I am curious about what doors, if any, it would open. I will most likely be in this situation if all goes well, could you elaborate please? PM me if you like, I would like to hear about your experience. Is an out-of-state licensed CA SE in a good position to be employed by a CA firm and transition? I wonder about that, too. Generally, I looked through ASCE career website and the various SEAOC websites with job posts, not much salary information there. But what I did see agreed with darius' post above, somewhere between 80k-120k. I'll update with any new information. Thanks
  6. I wonder what a CA SE annual salary range might be. I assume years of experience are a factor, too. I'll look at some CA job postings myself and update this thread with any information. I'm applying for CA PE by comity this year and I'm trying to decide if applying for CA SE by comity a few years after that would be worthwhile. Thanks.
  7. on the other hand, if you take both exams the same weekend and pass both, you are done. i don't know how many people successfully pull this off, but some do! good luck
  8. That's a bummer and unfortunately, not totally surprising given my experience with a few different licensing boards. Although, to be fair, some of the people I've worked with have been really helpful and courteous. I have to ask - if your ultimate goal is SE licensure in Illinois, why don't you just take the exam there? SE licensure seems to be the most volatile and it may be years or even decades before NCEES and the states sort out the examination and title, practice, and other acts. It seems like the safest bet is to go get the license in the jurisdiction you want. Especially Illinois since they have the oldest national SE practice act. But I would understand why you wouldn't go that route for several different reasons.
  9. First, I would delete the Objective from your resume. My rationale is that everyone reviewing your resume understands that you're hoping to find a position that is mutually beneficial. Explicitly stating this does not add positive value and may have unintended negative consequences. If you graduated in 2010, why does your internship continue through 2011? Were you actually hired full-time, or did you graduate in December and the internship ended soon afterwards? There are two sequential commas in the last point under your Peace Corps experience. Do a close and careful proofread prior to sending this to anyone. I think it's OK to apply for jobs that you're interested in and mostly qualified for, especially if you are approved and ready to take the FE again. Unlike the PE, the FE is not a critical component for job functions although some may use it to exclude those that cannot be licensed in the future for whatever reason. Caveat - your cover letter should probably indicate what your strategy is for successfully passing the FE this time, including the time-frame within which that will happen. Good luck.
  10. surely you're joking....right?
  11. Could you PM me with more information? I'm interested in your project and would like to help you out. Thanks.
  12. another suggestion is to check with your state's licensing board. several states seem to have records and statistics that might be relevant to the point you're trying to make.
  13. Have you tried ASME? They probably have some statistics that would be worth reviewing...
  14. that's what i was hoping, i.e. - i wouldn't bother asking for a reference from non-PEs that were verifying working experience but the response i got from the board indicated that i needed references from each working engagement and a minimum of 4 PE references to satisfy the requirements for a "complete" application. as I understand it, they won't review my application without all of the references, even though the non-PE references won't count and the working engagements listed for those periods won't count. in accordance with the bureaucratic nature of human organizations, you have to fill out all of the paperwork even if it doesn't count and therefore, doesn't make sense to do so. some people like to think about what they're doing and then take actions in accord with their thinking, some people like to avoid thinking about what they're doing and take action in accord with rules provided to them by others. i understand the mitigating circumstances here: lots of applications to review, scarce resources, special consideration for 'unique' cases and so on. if you want to play ball, you gotta play by their rules.
  15. i would compare the curricula and read the course descriptions, then. choose the program that allows you to take the most courses that interest you.
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