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  1. So I just started the process of filling out the application to sit for the PE exam in New York. I am a civil project engineer in construction and have just over 4 years of experience. I would be taking the Civil/Construction exam if approved. I'm concerned with how much detail I have to go into when describing my experience and at what point would some of my experience by unnecessary to list? Do I have to list specific tasks that I completed with exact dates for each construction project I worked on? Typically how many pages of experience should be expected to be submitted with this application? It would be nice if there was somewhere I could find an example of how the experience should be written. I want to make sure that I will not be rejected prior to submitting my application. Also, I'm sure it varies by state, but typically how long should it take the board to review the application? Assuming I get my application in soon and it was approved, would I have to wait until April '14 to sit for the exam or is it possible I could sit for the exam in October? Sorry for the overload of questions, I appreciate the help/advice anyone can provide.
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