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  1. Most boards require a PE familiar with your experience to be used to reference you. You can check the board roster/database to get the PE's contact info.
  2. I think it's the equivalent of PE in the ??, ??, ??, and some other English speaking countries.
  3. Looking to become a chartered engineer..any advice?
  4. Hello everyone, I'll be glad if someone can enlighten me a little bit here. I currently have a BS in EE and current working in the Power Systems Engineering (PSE) field. My role is primarily doing PSE analysis for commercial, some industrial, hospitals, etc facilities. I eventually want to get into design and start my own consulting company someday. I'll also like to include HVAC design as part of the services I'll offer in addition to Power System design. What I'll like to know is what courses I'll need to have taken to better prepare me to understand HVAC design? I took two Thermo courses at the BS level and really enjoyed them. I also took the FE and didn't see fluid dynamics and heat transfer that much challenging. I'm starting my Masters this fall and want to include those courses I think will be beneficial (towards HVAC) in my plan of study. My plan is to eventually take those courses and find an HVAC job even if it's part-time to gain experience or find a MEP company that will allow me to learn that as well. I know most small consulting companies will be delighted to see someone willing to learn "extra stuff". I'm a fast and devoted learner so I don't see any issues on that front. I already passed my PE Exam and where I currently live a PE can seal plans regardless of which PE Exam you took as long as you feel you are "competent" and I think a few states accept that. Not saying that's what I intend to do ! Any thoughts and suggestions will be highly appreciated.
  5. Thanks . I got into Arizona State but will keep this in mind.
  6. apprentice

    Power PE

    I meant to say ( no kidding)
  7. apprentice

    Power PE

    Wildi, NEC, & Grainger IMO. And not just having them but understanding the core principles and concepts. You also need to know where everything is in the book so you don't have to waste time looking through the indices. Remember it's all about studying smart and not hard and also a little preparation can go a long way.
  8. apprentice

    Power PE

    VFDs and GFCI are topics that you should get some great articles from Wikipedia . The questions on these are usually direct at least was the case in the exam I took. For PLC I think understanding basic digital theory and principles of PLC should suffice.
  9. apprentice

    Power PE

    Do you work in the power field? Have you taken the time to really go through the diagnostic report to see what areas you are week on? I'll suggest you start from there and find a good review course (traditional rather than online I think is best ). I'm not sure where you live but I believe most big cities have some kind of review course.
  10. apprentice

    Power PE

    First of all sorry to hear you failed. Do you mind telling us your background? I Passed this April on 1st try. I took the early PE Power in Nevada. I should point out that I do have have a good background in Power ( took some power courses in college and I'm currently a PSE with less than 2 years experience). I studied intensely(n kidding) the Wednesday and Thursday before the exam. I Answered all questions in the sample exam from NCEES and tried to understand the underlying principles and concepts. I Honestly think the exam at least the one I took his April was fair. You may want to look into your studying strategy. These are the references used : 1 - Power Systems Analysis by Grainger and Stevenson ( I had this since College) 2 - NEC ( I bought this just for the exam , I do have the PDF Version as I use it for reference at my job ) 3 - NESC ( Technically I didn't need this but I just took it to the exam because I had it ) 4 - Georgia Tech Binder ( I added some of my own personal info/formulas to it) 5 - Power Systems Analysis and Design by authors Duncan, Sarma, and Overbye ( I had this book already and didn't really use it) 6 - Ugly's book ( I had this since college and took it just in case) I just bought the Wildi book others are recommending on this board and received it 2 days ago. Just going through a few pages it's a great reference book for this exam. If i had this book during the exam , I wouldn't have been doubting if I'll pass or not. This book is really great. I hope this helped and Good Luck.
  11. Hi Ladies/Gents, Has anyone here successfully completed a masters program in engineering online? If yes, can you please share your experience? I plan on doing a Master in Power/Energy Systems online this fall or summer. Your comments will be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. apprentice

    ny is out!

    Congrats to all!
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