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  1. I haven't released in months!
  2. Still no results yet? who did you all piss off
  3. now results will never get released you guys killed the thread too soon
  4. my daily contribution to the spam push
  5. purple huh.... If this is confirmed, that is not good.
  6. to all those exam takers this past Friday, what color was the pencil?
  7. Back by popular demand, just a little late this year. This is our biannual EB.com spam fest to help with the post-exam stresses. For the n00bs, the goal is to focus less on the exam, how you did or did not do or the results, and more on unwinding here in the STB subforum and getting this thread to 15,000 posts (maybe this "I'm an idiot who can't write TIME!" we can actually reach 15k). The rules are as follows: No double posts (meaning you may not have consecutive posts). Accidents happen, but at the discretion of the Moderators, your posts could be deleted if it is deemed intentional; Spelling doesn’t count (luckily for me); and Posts must be at least three characters long (and an actual word) or a meme. Winning categories are as follows: total post count; total number of top page posts; total number of times you can mock Matt267 PE closest guess to the cut score without going over; and last post to close out the thread (#15,000) Winners may receive a prize. These are the rules for now, but pay attention because they can change at any "TIME". Good luck and happy spamming.
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