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  1. NJmike PE

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    so this weekend I decided to FINALLY install a whole house filtration system for my potable water, after living here for 12 years. I have a well and regularly get sediment in my appliances which needs to be cleaned out. But the kicker was a few weeks back when my water pressure really started to drop and I started seeing discolor in the water out of my faucet. so I decided to start investigating the problem, flushing my water heater, flushing my pressure tank. I cleared out much of the sediment, but realized it wouldn't really go away until I filtered the system. I bought 2 filters and created a two-stage filter system. that said, friday night I decided to check the pressure in the bladder of the pressure tank and adjust as necessary. I realized that the bladder was empty, so I hooked it up to my compressor and inflated it to 28 psi (30/50 pressure switch). turned the water back on and check the system. after about 3 mins of good water pressure, it ran dry. not more water. I started freaking, not sure what the problem was. I knew what I had done to change the system, but I couldn't figure out how it negatively affected it. after about 90 mins of screwing around with it, which including breaking off the drain valve from the well tee, replacing it as well as the pressure gauge which was broken, I realized that the pressure switch would kick on when manually, and would kick off at the high end, but would not kick on at the low pressure. turns out the switch was bad, and the tubing leading up to it was clogged solid with sediment, stopping water flow from kicking on/off properly. I started the job at 5 pm and finished around 9:30 that night. Saturday, the filter went together and on-line without flaw.
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    funny pic thread

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    Count to 100,000 using only pics

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    It's Friday!!!!

  5. NJmike PE

    Please delete my account

    agreed. but at least clean up the droppings. You guys crap everywhere
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    Count to 100,000 using only pics

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    New Jersey news?

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    Looking for LDD Survey Software

    how about now?
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    New Jersey news?

    just keep calling
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    Horse is to stable

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    New Jersey news?

    see. Thursday
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    New Jersey news?

  13. NJmike PE

    Horse is to stable

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    New Jersey news?

    no dude. lifelong NJ. I'm telling you. Call early, call often.
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    New Jersey news?

    in fact, when you call, make sure you also ask them what the cut score is