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  1. I used passed the civil construction test in April and I used the six minute solutions books for most of my practice problems. Be sure to get the ncees sample exam book as well. I had a number of similarities between the sample exam and my actual exam.
  2. You can read the first letter of my first and last names and you can tell there is a y at the end but other than that its a squiggle. I agree that the electronic pen thing is the worst, on those it looks like a toddler signed for me.
  3. I'm in Virginia and I received my license and wallet card in the mail yesterday, still wondering when the wall certificate will find its way into the mailbox.
  4. I am renting currently so I've never been able to do the full in ground garden, but I do have a jungle in pots on the deck. This thread is giving me space for garden envy. Last year I experimented with squash and got beautiful blossoms, squash would start and then shrivel and die. At least it was only a two dollar experiment. This year my latest experiment was kumquats. Even if I never get any fruit off of it, the plant is varigated so it's at least something pretty to look at.
  5. I would like to know my raw score out of morbid curiosity. I realize that since I passed I can be deemed reasonably proficient in engineering, but I'd really like to know the answers to a question or two on the test that have been nagging me since April.
  6. No raise for me but I work for county government so I didnt expect one since no county employee is getting a raise of any kind this fiscal year. However, this does make me eligible for the next higher engineering position when one becomes available so at some point more money will come from getting the PE or at least that is what I am telling myself.
  7. I passed in Virginia on the first try and my job covered the cost of the review class, the test registration, and the CERM. I had to purchase almost all of the other references listed for the construction exam. I'm glad I did, but it cost me around $1200.
  8. memory PASSED - PE Civil (Construction) Virginia
  9. Oh good. My PCS site hadn't updated either even though the results were on ncees. I was getting paranoid there was a problem and my passing score was a myth.
  10. VA Civil - Construction Passed! Thanks to everyone that has been frantically refreshing the last week like i have it was nice to know I wasnt the only impatient one.
  11. PCS needs to get their act together and send out the results so I can finally be productive at work again.
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