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  1. For the longest time i have been frustrating with watching large PDF plans (24x36) on the computer. Ive added 32 gigs of ram and have an X99 6 core processor and 1 GTX 1080 video card. But still slow. I ran into PCIe hard drives for sbout 500$ and im wondering if it would help to view large files? Any comments?
  2. So I've decided to skip the exam this friday. I have not had the time to dedicate for it and If I couldn't get it done when I did study I can't possibly think why I could get it done this time around. Does anyone know of any upcoming changes to the exam next year that I should consider before Friday? I predict they will update ASCE 7-10 and probably AISC to 15th edition. Mabye IBC as well. I doubt the exam format would change. Any thoughts?
  3. Hemi79

    Im skipping the exam.

    Thanks for all the recommendations. I will wait for April next year. Good Luck to everyone taking exam tomorrow!
  4. Hemi79

    Im skipping the exam.

    And @RBHeadge PE it does NOT count as a fail. After your first attempt you have 2 years to use the last 2 exam attempts, but on your first if you dont show up it does not count against you. I did contact the board.
  5. Hemi79

    Structural Depth Materials for Sale

    Call NCEES. I have no idea if it's too late, but that's the first thing you should do. Assuming your state exam is administered with NCEES. I tried to cancel and was told " Not Possible". They just suggested to not attend as exams are packed and ready to be handed out. Just FYI. Good Luck.
  6. Hemi79

    I beam loaded on web.

    Whats the priority check in this scenario with a concentrated load from joist to a welded angle on a W shapes web. I checked yielding forbthe angle but im worried about the web of the I beam. Which i checked for web yielding and web crippling but i still feel im missing somethkng. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hemi79

    October 2018 Exam Authorizations

    Traveling down stairs with all those books sucks!
  8. We are about 3 weeks away from the exam. I haven't been able to study this time due to work, but I'm calm. I've taken time before in my life to do just this, Study, and have been unsuccessful. However, when you have taken this exam a couple times you tend to remember questions that you knew would not find the answer to and questions that you struggled, knew you could find and probably should already know, but answered with an educated guess. And for the latter I seem to keep finding answers for. Is this typical? It makes me think this will be a reoccurring issue for me. I keep getting better at this, but also keep making new mistakes. I've seen some people be flawless. Its so cool.
  9. Hemi79

    PE Structural Practice Exam Questions

    See if this helps. This is an excerpt from Prestressed Design by Arthur Nilson. Its an old book but very nice.
  10. So looking into analysis and design of joists, not working on selecting correct joist but actually designing joist, I run into the 2.5k joists. I understand the recommended substitutions for them, but I'm curious how they are installed. I always thought the function of these were to brace the principal joists taking on the governing floor or roof load, but it seems they are meant for load bearing purposes as well. IF anyone has any images or input on this I would appreciate it. Thanks,
  11. Hemi79

    question on an example of all-in-one

    IT would help if you can post the question, I don't have the all in one with me. are you referring to the natural frequency? or natural period?
  12. Hemi79

    NCEES Practice Exam Problem 528 (2017 3rd Print)

    Speaking with my Structural Professor from long ago... 😕 , he says it is simply a compromise between using the top of the bottom leg or the bottom surface dimension. He explained this is a problem testing engineering intuition as there is really no set got to reference for it. That being said, if you use the entire length of the vertical leg then you get 1.88 (LRFD), and if you subtract the entire bottom leg 4-.375, you get 1.71. So I guess our engineering intuition needs to be spot on for this since 1.7 is a selection of answers.
  13. Hemi79

    How to tell your job is toxic

    What engineering field is it?
  14. Hemi79

    How to tell your job is toxic

    I worked for a short period of time with similar conditions. The learning experience in engineering was incredible and I stuck around, but after a while I could't take it. I came to the conclusion they insisted on seeing me as payroll. That's my best way of putting it. Everything I did was questioned, looked down on EVEN after proving my point correct and not necessarily correcting my mistake. After a while and searching in google I came to the conclusion they were "Snobs" and quit.
  15. Hemi79


    When I took FE , back when it was not computer based, I took Test Masters and it really made a difference. I'm not a fan of their course online, but attending the course in the classroom really made it happen for me. What @P-E has commented is probably the best way and sure way to go about it. Good luck! And don't give up!
  16. So I find myself taking too much time finding the material I need. This is an example I have for my structural depth binder, any suggestions or how do you do it?
  17. Hemi79

    SE Structural Engineering Ref. Manual Errata

    It is bad and sound bad how they address it, but other references dont even bother sometimes.
  18. Hemi79

    OSHA CFR 29 1910 and 1926 - 2016

    The fact that the syllabus has "2016" on this standard makes me nervous. They keep updating this reference and I don't know which to take. 😞
  19. A 2 day seminar in DC $1695 for early bird non member enrollment. How do you get that back seriously at least part of it? Are they that good? I have bought some expensive webinars from ASCE before and been dissapointed, anyone a constant user of their seminars that can comment on the trainings? Im interested in Design of Concrete Pavements.
  20. Hemi79

    Is it me or ASCE seminar pricing crazy?

    Yeah, this is why im never interested in their membership. A coleague of mine always has M. ASCE in his signature and i always thought, well WHO CARES?!! AISC is my favorite and only organization i really like and invest in.
  21. So after doing some projects with structural steel I have decided to get into it a little more and go forward with an official steel shop. So far I have done open canopies and retail buildings up to 10000 sq. ft. I figure a 30' x 30' will be a good start. I am planning on doing the structure to include 10 ton electric trolly, Plasma (1 inch cutting depth), Welding Equipment we already have, and I plan to put together a Plasma CNC machine (5' x 20'). I don't plan to do a concrete floor for the shop, Im leaning towards asphalt. Obviously structure will be on concrete footings. I don't plan to work on big projects yet. Typical connections are gusset plate bracing, shear tab, clip angle, seated , splices and base plate fabrication. My starting budget is $25K and I realize for erection I will still have to rent equipment. I currently have autodesk subscription for shop drawings and hopefully I get my PE license this year and things might get a boost. Anyways, any recommendations would be nice. Thanks,
  22. Hemi79

    PPI Learning HUB

    So i signed up for the 7 day trial of PPI Learning Hub. Its actually very nice and i subscribed to the 200/month option which includes CERM 16th edition on the web. I cancelled because i felt the questions required long solutions and are not comparative to the Exam, but i think having enough study time it could be a good option. Just wanted to share as i havnt heard any one speak of the Learning Hub.
  23. For anyone interested in reviewing Civil Structural P.E. Exam problems via a Facebook Group you may ask to join by requesting me at the following email. structuralhemi79@outlook.com Group: Civil-Structural Design This is meant to post questions on problems we are having trouble solving. It is not meant for anyone to request and give away their study material. One thing is to share an excerpt or section that helps develop an area of the exam and another is to request or share entire course notes. If you choose to do so, do not do it in this group. Looking forward to sharing some study time.
  24. EET guys are awesome. For some reason i couldnt get it done with their training. Im going at it solo now. Se how that goes.