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  1. So officially the references have been updated. ACI 318-14, NDS 2015, IBC 2015. And AASHTO had been updated this last time around to 7th edition. Im only missing NDS 2015. I dont see any changes in the syllabus.
  2. Well your odds are better if we only have three choices. There ire certain items that NCEES totally misses. Like the table space granted during test taking A 12 inch depth of a table is just ridiculous. They should know better. They really should.
  3. NCEES has updated standards to all but WR PE exam, with Civil Structural coming November 10th. So this means rearranging of topics right? Not that references will be updated?
  4. Ive got it everytime and have failed everytime. But some say there is no connection at all. Not trying to make it hard on any one. Just sharing.
  5. October 2017 Exam

    If you know you have 60 right, you passed. I dont know that i got 60 so im assuming i failed.
  6. Lol, i see what your douing here.
  7. Thanx @leggo PE! It was in the afternoon, my exam had been picked up already and apperantly someone started messing with theirs before theirs was picked up and proctor started screaming and someone went got his/her registration and gave it to the proctor. It was tense! Lol
  8. :-) The morning hurt a little. For a change i felt really good about the afternoon even though a couple questions were not solvable for me. Im hoping i got it done. Also, some guy had his card taken away and was screamed at pretty badly. Anyone know anything about it? This was in Austin Tx.
  9. Lol how dare you call this pencil black and red!?!!?!? Its black Sir! And yeah i couldnt post till today but ended up being a busy day at work. Just to clarify, the bet was that he/she who lost would donate the money to the board. :-)
  10. Exam Weekend

    Lets get it done Boyz and Grilz!!!
  11. Exam Weekend

    LMAO, well i know the rules, thats for sure. I will gladly take in this responsibility. but your getting ahead of yourself @ptatohed, the color came to me in a dream, i saw the future. Its gonna be black. You might as well run your debit card now......
  12. I assure you, if i get a hold of more, i will gladly ship them. :-) oh and the $10 bet is on, or is it 15$, wait $20?!?!?!? Done.
  13. Oh man, thats a tough one. Giving away my passing pencil, whatever color, is a costly thing to do.
  14. ahhh looking forward to this!