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  1. Anyone with experience doing Post Tension Slab on Ground interested in designing a residential Slab on Ground for a fee? I don't have a lot of experience with PT SOG, only prestressed components, and I think I would take too long to get it done and feel comfortable with the design. If so please PM me and let me know what price ant time frame would be. We have plans and geotech report for it. THanks,
  2. A 2 day seminar in DC $1695 for early bird non member enrollment. How do you get that back seriously at least part of it? Are they that good? I have bought some expensive webinars from ASCE before and been dissapointed, anyone a constant user of their seminars that can comment on the trainings? Im interested in Design of Concrete Pavements.
  3. Yeah, we got the email from the architect and I was prompt to respond yes. Later my boss came to me and said “did you ask why?” , and I said not really. :-/, turned out the fabricator for canopy was requesting it because it contradicted their bid/estimate quantities. I guess they were gonna get paid less with my proposed changes and they didn’t like it. Anyways, we had a meeting and no calcs were submitted. We insisted on the invoice and they didn’t go for it. I guess I’m not getting a bonus.😢
  4. The scope is an open walkway canopy. 12 ft high and varying from 10 to 14 ft wide. This all came about because i disagreed with the use of a 5/8” base plate for columns should have kept my mouth shut but a 5/8” base plate for an open structure taking 123MPH wind speed seemed ridiculous to me. I designed the embedded HSS member into the concrete footing and trigerred the request for desgn calcs from fabricator. There is no provisions per say for embedded steel Columns in concrete in either AISC or ACI, so i solved using a little of both and with some mechanics of materials engineering. 🙂 , but my boss says hes called it out that way many times and never submitted calcs. I didnt think it was a big deal but i guess theres some history amongst members in the design team for this project. Im just guessing. Luckily i didnt bring up that i thought footing were ridiculously oversized. 😓 Ofcourse we are desgning the Masonry buliding as well, this just came up on the canopy section. And this is all between engineers from fabricator, civil, and structural with the architect in the middle. No permit or municipality involved.
  5. Working for a structural firm, on a steel structural frame project, we have been asked to submit calculations for everything. Very specifically for footing and baseplate design. My boss got after me for saying “sure” when asked and has sent them an invoice for submission of the calcs. We have done this before, but not officially in a presentation binder etc... as i prepared it this time. And before it was just a discussion among civil/geo engineers and architects. What is your typical approach to this? My boss says he is hired for signed and sealed construction documents and not to submit calculations for others to have and use in the future. Now im kind of with him on the idea.
  6. Hemi79

    October 2018 Civil Structural PE Exam

    Not it Houston, its a 6 hour drive. Think about doing a Facebook Group with members approved by you and posting questions along with problems and images is very helpful. I will be taking the exam in October. I have tons of study material and will not be taking a course. If you create the group, send me an invite. I have found that for structural depth material there is is only a little help out there that is complete and can serve well. A lot of it is grinding and then one morning you wake up and you get the problem.
  7. Hemi79

    Pt foundation over compacted select fill

    @Coronagrey @Jmcc06 @youngmotivatedengineer IBC "1809.4 Depth and Width of footings. The minimum depth of footings below the undisturbed ground surface shall be 12 inches......The minimum width of footings shall be 12 inches." Im sure you guys have run into this, but wanted to post it. However, I have run into municipalities requiring a minimum of 6" of virgin soil for shallow foundations. Also, IBC "1804.6 Compacted fill material. Where shallow foundations will bear on compacted fill material, the compacted fill shall comply with the provisions of an approved geotechnical report as set forth in Section 1803. If the existing soil was not considered better or met select fill strength conditions, I would remove it and fill. This is an interesting case being 4 ft is being added. Keep us updated please @Coronagrey.
  8. Hemi79

    Failed Structural Depth AGAIN. 3x's the Charm?

    Wouldnt you say that for the morning section of Civil PE has some questions that are from the Depth section of other disciplines just not requiring references? At one point i took the PE exam there were some economics questions that i could not relate to. I am taking it in October but im focusing on the afternoon portion more this time. Ive been doing structural for years and still had problems but at least now i have expanded my reach, especially in seismic, and i feel more confident. I dont think any course is the solution, as i have taken many, but i will say their outline helps. However, im focusing more on doing practice exams even as homeworks as opposed to practice test on a weekend. I know what it is to sit for 8hrs for the test. I need to get extremely familiar with the type of problems. This is my approach this time around. Of course i will study for the AM as well. Regarding changing disciplines just make sure you dont need the roster to show a specific one. Where im from they look you up and dont hand you structural work unless the roster classifies you as structural. There aré exceptions of course but in the government work thats how it is.
  9. Hemi79

    4th Attempt Going to Board

    I didnt call to ask or appeal (TX), the rules state two courses of formal college or 1 more year experience. I took the courses. I applied and was approved in less than 2 weeks. .
  10. Hemi79

    Texas PE Structure cut-off

    Have posted what your prep course or approach was? If so can you point in that direction?(link) @JB_TXENG can you share? Dont mean to high jack thread i know theres a designated thread for this, cool if you can share there. When i failed last october i got a 66 i believe. Im approved to retake in October 2018. Im very excited.....😰 Thanx!
  11. Hemi79

    Upset with my ex-boss after I passed my PE

    shes just a stupid person. don't mind her. Congrats!! Its awesome that you passed!
  12. Hemi79

    Alaska results out

    Ive seen it in the show Meat Eater! Its BEAutiful!! But that's about it. I don't fly, so I don't think I will ever see it. :-(
  13. Hemi79

    Alaska results out

    Theres engineering in Alaska?!?!
  14. Hemi79

    KL/r >200 in compression FOR A BEAM

    Thanks for the reply everyone! Much appreciated. I went ahead and used the members. I braced at 2 points, 3 equal spaces on the beam, and so therefore Kl/r is no longer greater than 200. However, It was freaking me out.
  15. So after much delay and debating, probably for 3 months, i have officially subscribed to Autodesk AEC collection. I had been meeting ends with others drafting services for submittals and with an old version of Risa3D (13) but no more. I will use Revit, Advanced steel for my submittals and shop drawings and i will fully immerse myself into Robot Structural Analysis again as i havent visited it as much as wanted since senior design many years back! I was hoping to have Risa last night before bed, but after speaking with them their subscription is all paid upfront. :-( while doable, it was a big setback on my budget, even for just the three core software 3D, Floor ES , and Foundation. I will miss it. And im doing all shop drawing in house now. Anyone have experience with ROBOT Structural Analysis theyde like to share?