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  1. Hemi79

    Upset with my ex-boss after I passed my PE

    shes just a stupid person. don't mind her. Congrats!! Its awesome that you passed!
  2. Hemi79

    Alaska results out

    Ive seen it in the show Meat Eater! Its BEAutiful!! But that's about it. I don't fly, so I don't think I will ever see it. :-(
  3. Hemi79

    Alaska results out

    Theres engineering in Alaska?!?!
  4. Hemi79

    KL/r >200 in compression FOR A BEAM

    Thanks for the reply everyone! Much appreciated. I went ahead and used the members. I braced at 2 points, 3 equal spaces on the beam, and so therefore Kl/r is no longer greater than 200. However, It was freaking me out.
  5. So after much delay and debating, probably for 3 months, i have officially subscribed to Autodesk AEC collection. I had been meeting ends with others drafting services for submittals and with an old version of Risa3D (13) but no more. I will use Revit, Advanced steel for my submittals and shop drawings and i will fully immerse myself into Robot Structural Analysis again as i havent visited it as much as wanted since senior design many years back! I was hoping to have Risa last night before bed, but after speaking with them their subscription is all paid upfront. :-( while doable, it was a big setback on my budget, even for just the three core software 3D, Floor ES , and Foundation. I will miss it. And im doing all shop drawing in house now. Anyone have experience with ROBOT Structural Analysis theyde like to share?
  6. Hemi79

    I beam loaded on web.

    Whats the priority check in this scenario with a concentrated load from joist to a welded angle on a W shapes web. I checked yielding forbthe angle but im worried about the web of the I beam. Which i checked for web yielding and web crippling but i still feel im missing somethkng. Thanks for the help.
  7. Why would you forget something like that?
  8. @tomp So when u sign up in Ncees for the PE or SE exam you just select the state of Oregon and their is no confirmation from the board. You are clear to take the exam at a site in the state?
  9. @vhab49_PEI've actually never considered ASCE courses as I took a few on Civil topics that were so outdated it made me angry. However, there are some good reviews out there on them and the courses I took are nothing like the PE refresher courses. I've scored best in the morning section when I took testmasters, but their structural depth left much to wish for. Ultimately I'm probably gonna end up taking School of PE I think. But my confidence has grown honestly and if budget is tight I'm not going to invest in a course this time around. @youngmotivatedengineer Thanks for the tips!
  10. I wanted to bring this topic up even though I know there is stuff out there in google that talk about it. For those who feel confident in this topic and would like to share their knowledge and practice, very much appreciated. So here I go. If i have a beam (designed in flexure) yet my Kl/r is greater than 200. Isn't it as simple as bracing the member laterally? Therefore, no longer having Kl/r >200? Some have mentioned about checking that the compression stress in the member isn't greater than the critical stress from AISC equation E3-3 (Fcr), however, that would probably mean you barely have any load on the member. Anyways, the biggest question from me is some have mentioned Kl/r > 200, for members NOT designed in compression, should just be ignored. Thats scary to me. If in fact my compression stress, in a flexural member, is greater than the critical stress caclulated then that would mean the member would fail due to flexural buckling. Am I missing something?
  11. Hemi79

    PPI SE Course, anyone taking it?

    @David Connor, SE Thank you for your comments. I appreciate you taking the time to put things in perspective. The link for the calendar is just the calendar with no schedules on it, however i have the calendar from your website, hopefully its the same one. I am definitely going to focus on the PE exam.
  12. Hemi79

    PPI SE Course, anyone taking it?

    Thank you for your advice. I have less than two weeks before I sit down and make it my routine again to study for the P.E/S.E. exam. However, the P.E. exam I will take under all circumstances. No way I let it beat me. And the S.E. I just really want to give it a shot. Your comment on "easier to study for in my opinion", was that referring to breaking the exams down to take separately or to the criteria of the exam? Thanks again!
  13. Hemi79

    PPI SE Course, anyone taking it?

    That's the plan. By that I mean I will be applying to the Board with my updated experience. Assuming I get approved, which I should, that is definitely the plan. I know it sounds crazy. But I really think it can be done, and I've gone over the Breadth and Depth material for the PE so much I think my study plan this time will work.
  14. Hemi79

    PPI SE Course, anyone taking it?

    Howd the vertical go🤞?
  15. Hemi79

    PPI SE Course, anyone taking it?

    Thank you for the reply. I plan to take the lateral in October 2018. I think for the first run im going to work a lot of problems and follow the NCEES SYLLABUS stringently for a change. I followed EET deligently twice and no success with the PE. And its fair to say theyre not the problem. Taking the ppi depth structural last october was a problem but im missing something and i think its grinding. I plan to get your book and give it a go for the 20% bridge stuff, although hopefully covering your book 100%. All the work has given me serenity and a sense of direction when approaching engineering problems and i think ill get it done soon at least for the PE. My attempt of doing PE on a Friday and SE on a Saturday is really an attempt of over studying the Structural part for the PE. And experiencing the SE secondly. Of course i will shoot at passing.