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  1. My company has developed a new document retention policy that requires us to scan original wet sealed documents and destroy the originals. Our state's requirements for wet sealed documents states that scanned versions of wet sealed documents are not considered originals (they are copies). But they don't have any specific retention requirements, so they refuse to comment on my company's proposed document retention policy. Does anyone have experience with this or could point me in the direction of an online resource I could forward to my managers? I'm inclined to fight to keep the original stamped documents, at least until the projects have been constructed and started up, but I'm facing an uphill battle unless I can find valid justification for keeping them. Thanks in advance!
  2. Karen - Just out of curiosity, who is your local water provider?
  3. klk


    Which NICU does she work? Emily spent 19 days at St V's when she arrived 6 weeks early . . . Congrats and good luck with the home birth!
  4. klk

    Kids of EB

    Well, its been a long time since I've posted. Between work and the baby, haven't had much free time. The first six months was a nightmare (reflux and sleep issues). But now, Emily is just fantastic. She is almost a year old (10 months adjusted) and has been walking for the last couple of weeks. She is super little though (~18 lbs, ~26" high) so its very freaky to see such a little baby walking. Sleep training has worsened her separation anxiety, but at least we're getting a full nights sleep now. Here's a recent picture: I can't believe I'm already planning her 1st birthday! where did the time go?
  5. klk


    Congrats StructuralPoke! mini poke looks like he's doing fantastic! Also congrats to wvgirl and kevo!
  6. Happy birthday chucktown! Hope you have fun!
  7. sounds delicious! mr. klk just made a clone of ninkasi ipa a few weeks ago. now that i can drink again, i'm trying to convince him to make a chocolate stout next. <-- typing one handed while holding a sleeping baby. i apologize for the lack of caps and the typos in my posts today
  8. Woo hoo! Happy birthday!!!
  9. Last month of maternity leave
  10. klk


    Congrats Katie! glad to hear it all worked out!
  11. klk

    Kids of EB

    Here is little Emily, having some tummy time. She is 8 weeks old today, but is essentially a 2 week old. She now weighs over 8 lbs, and is acting like a newborn - she pretty much refuses to sleep in her crib for any length of time, but we often have to wake her up to feed her if we let her sleep on our chest. Luckily, my mom and MIL take turns coming over so I can get stuff done and take a nap or two. Emily has her nights and days reversed, so that she sleeps all day and is fussy at night, which is when I get to take care of her. But I shouldn't complain too much - she is such a sweetie most of the time.
  12. klk


    Congrats!! She's adorable!!
  13. klk


    I'm so glad to hear they were able to stop the contractions! Hang in there and hopefully your baby will be able to wait a little bit. I was 33 weeks + 4 days when my water broke and Emily spent 19 days in the NICU. Although she's completely healthy, the whole process was less than ideal if she could have waited an extra week or two. I'll be thinking about you the next few weeks. And I second the suggestion to get lots of rest while you can.
  14. klk


    That must have been fun to clean up! That stuff is tenacious.
  15. klk


    Thanks snick and csb. I purchased a medela PIS (planning to pump when I go back to work), but my lactation consultant wanted me to use a hospital grade pump to help increase my milk supply, so I ended up renting a medela symphony for a month while my milk supply gets established. The dr told me Emily won't really be able to nurse until her due date, which was mid august. I'm putting her to breast once a day when I go to visit so she can get used to it, and although she does well, she gets really tired. I have another appt with the LC this afternoon. After all I've gone through to get my milk to come in, I'm going to do this for as long as I can stand it. The only good thing about pumping is that I know exactly how much I produce at a given session - the engineer in me really appreciates the "experiment" aspect of this whole ordeal. Its been kind of cool to be able to see my increase in milk production over the last few days.
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