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  1. Sorry not from NY, but make sure you read your state board reqs carefully and if it is not clear if internship experience would (or would not) count or how many references/PEs you need to signoff, give them a call or email for clarification. I could give you PA reqs, but it won't help you since each state has different reqs. As far as what to put on the app when describing work experience, put yourself in the review boards shoes....what you write needs to provide enough details for them to confirm you have been working as an engineer with increasing levels of responsibility. It is usually a good idea to be very descriptive in describing what you actually did in your job. Don't use vague terms like: worked, reviewed, assisted on such and such project. Rather be specific with what YOU did. Calculated, designed, etc. Adding the how you did it helps too citing methods, specifications, regulations.
  2. ^^^ +1 I used a 2001 version of the Fundamentals books for the TFS, I did not use it much though (other than copies of charts).
  3. I think beam bending would be fair game in the morning breadth portion of the exam. We revisited beam bending and shear and moment diagrams in the review course I took. They certainly could be easy points to get if you spend a little time reviewing them.
  4. ^^^ one piece at a time. How do I finish 10 days of work when I'm going on vacation in 3 days?
  5. you are probably right on that one. so i guess no takers
  6. Anyone interested in playing ESPN fantasy football?
  7. I just switched to windows 10 from 7... I don't mind it too much, will take a little getting use to the new start menu, but not that I'm having more trouble going from office 2007 to 2013....
  8. I applied for the exam in April 2015, so no direct answer to you question, but my experience may shed some light on your situation. The deadline for April Exam in PA is December 1 and the NCEES deadline in mid-February - I submitted my application to PCS in October and I believe all my references submitted their forms in October as well. - A week or so after I mailed in my application, I received an email from PCS stating they received my application and were waiting for reference forms for three references. -In mid-November emailed PCS (knowing all my references had mailed in their forms) for a status update and they sent me back an email stating that they had received all reference forms and that they were submitting my application to the state board. -December 2 I received an email from the state board that had a copy of a letter they were mailing me (the letter identified that they did a preliminary review of my application and that I needed to send in a resume for my supervisor since he had let his PE license expire [being an ME we fall under an industry exemption]) - I mailed a copy of his resume and also sent a copy via email to the state board in before Christmas. - I got an email from the state board just before New Years that they had received my submission and would add it to my file. - On Jan. 28th I received another email from the state board that had a copy of a letter they were mailing me identifying I was approved to take the exam.
  9. Ram that is the MERM13 index. I know there is also a link out there for the MERM12 index, if anyone one needs it let me know and I'll dig it up
  10. I prefer Crane 410 it is what I usually use at work and has larger / easier to read charts. Cameron has a little more data on pumping and also has more data on flow of slurries.
  11. got my certificate today
  12. I'd wait to take a review course until about six months before the exam...unless you know that you can't devote at least 12 -15 hours per week then you may want to think about taking an extended course. Be careful though it is easy to get burned out so you need to strike the right balance of time to study before the exam, and amount you are studying each day...I think the rule of thumb is about 300 hours of studying.
  13. Passed Mechanical T/F depth in PA 1st time! Thanks to all on this forum for the help and support! Especially during the wait for results!
  14. Ncees email finally...passed
  15. Glad you guys here: are getting your license in PA purgatory we are still waiting on exam results
  16. I took the exam in April 2015 and bought the MERM12 not too long after graduating college (2009). When I was faced with the same issue, I decided to just stick with the MERM12. From PPI's website on MERM13: What’s New in This Edition 36 chapters with new material, and 46 chapters with revisions to existing material 300 new equations, and 128 updated equations 27 new tables, and 31 updated tables 7 new examples, and 34 updated examples 10 new appendices, and 27 updated appendices 35 new figures, and 28 updated figures 1,094 new index entries, and 108 updated index entries The MERM13 index is more substantial than the MERM12 index (68 pages vs 49 pages) other than that I have not personally compared the two, I have heard that most of the MERM13 changes are really focused on rearrangement of the book for better organization. I believe a lot of the "new" tables and appendices were the result of splitting up the reference tables into SI and English entries. Additionally a number of the chapters where split up into two different chapters. In the review course I took the instructor was using the MERM13 and pretty much said the MERM13 was more of a maintenance and reorganization revision. When referring us to sections of the book for equations / appendices he would first identify the MERM13 page number then the MERM12 page number...most of the time the chapter number was different and there was never a time when he said MERM13 page XX-Y and sorry MERM12 people this equation is not in your book. I decided not to shell out the cash to buy and new book and decided to stay with the revision I was more familiar with. EDIT: As a note I took T/F depth and not Mech Systems.
  17. [emoji14]Asucks: [emoji14]cs:
  18. Maybe no one took the exam in idaho Yeah I know...ewww...hopefuly we are not worse than West Virginia too
  19. kicked my keg last night....need to keg 1 and start brewing another
  20. ^^^ This when night time temps are above about 75 or so. ^^^ same as you.... when its in the low 70 or below I turn the AC off and always blow the hot air out with a window fan in one bedroom and the other bedroom window open. I also have a built in kitchen wall fan that blows out, which is great for using the oven or brewing in the summer
  21. Jesse thanks for posting, I was really hoping we would not need to wait for the next board meeting in early July! But the wait now that some states has released is agonizing.
  22. Never thought i'd say this, but even even worse than NJ.
  23. I think NCEES just started reporting each afternoon module separately. I think before that they still had three depth exams, but they just lumped the passing scores together.
  24. I don't recognized that type of football.... In general I hate when the govt goes after sport scandals...steroids in MLB, bribing in Fifa, who cares...
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