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  1. Think of LEED for vertical construction (buildings) and ENV SP as horizontal construction (pipelines, sewers, roads, etc). There is some overlap, especially in the water industry. But I've never seen it as a requirement on a project. Well I did once, but water utilities have very little money. The one time I did see it as a requirement, it was removed as a cost savings.
  2. Wow, some of the frames on here look very familiar. I haven't posted on this forum in a while, but glad its still providing inspiration.
  3. Actually, here is the link I was looking for. Exam offerings outside the United States NCEES has agreements with a number of foreign entities to administer an NCEES exam in those countries. Visit the engineering webpage and select a country below for information about locations, exam offerings, and scheduled exam administrations. Canada (Alberta) Canada (British Columbia) Canada (Manitoba) Canada (New Brunswick) Canada (Nova Scotia) Canada (Prince Edward Island) Canada (Saskatchewan) Emirate of Sharjah (AUS) Egypt (AUC) Egypt (EES) Japan Qatar South Korea Saudi Arabia Taiwan Turkey In 2013, NCEES established criteria for evaluating the administration of NCEES examinations at non-U.S. sites. It is available for download (PDF).
  4. I don't know about those countries specifically. But I believe the FE/PE are offered in Egypt as well. I seem to remember that there are a few Caribean countries that have agreements with North Carolina. Basically, they just accept NC's PE license as their own, but I could be wrong about that.
  5. IMHO, this is the number one downfall for engineers on the PMP. The PMP was born out of the IT industry, not brick and mortar projects. It has a lot of good information with individual pieces/tools to be used throughout a project. But they are very particular about their way and only their way. Not the way you would usually do it. For those in the future search for my posts on PM-Bob (and pun on PMBOK). PM-Bob is a fictional project manager that executes projects EXACTLY as stated in the PMBOK. He is not a project manager in your company. You should answer the questions on the PMP as if you are PM-Bob, not yourself.
  6. Unless you consider all dimensions of a product, you will never know if it is viable.
  7. But the wet cells will conduct electricity between primary and secondary sides. So you will have an electrical connection, which will be a problem.
  8. I'm going to say not technically or commercially possible. Refer to table 2.1 at Assuming you could make it work, with similar efficiency as steel, you would expect a dry type transformer to have a 150 deg C rise. I suspect wood would (hehe) be higher. Wood will slowly char at 120-150 deg C. The wood would only be possible in air. It would soak up the oil and turn to mush. It will eventually rot in air as well. So not commercially viable even at small ratings. At large ratings, air cooling is going to be a huge problem, so again not technically possible. Further, there is so much water content within the wood, that I suspect it could create a high-impedance connection between primary and secondary.
  9. Unfortunately there are people in this world who think they own you and take it personally when you want to do something different. Whether it be for a different company or for a different group within a larger company. There is likely no way to make amends with this person. If he doesn't want to give you a reference, it will not help to force him to give you a reference (even if there was a way). If he writes the reference he could write something bad, that will make it harder for you going forward. My advice: move on with your life.
  10. Like jwholla said, you have two directions. The voltage across the load terminals will be lower due to impedance on both sides of the load.
  11. I looked quickly, but didn't see a post on here about this, so this may be a duplicate. Apparently they aren't offering the Chemical PE in the fall because they are transferring that one to CBT starting in Jan 2018. Are they finally doing this with all the disciplines?
  12. This seems like short term thinking....pick an area that you see long term growth in and look for jobs in that field. Rapid fire looking for anything and everything doesn't make much sense long term.
  13. The best reference sheets will be the ones you make yourself.
  14. Start with Rita's book. Also, if you join PMI for like $110 you get like $125 off the exam price, so it's worth it for the first year. With your membership you also get a free PDF copy of the PMBOK. So if you are okay reading a PDF you might save yourself some money. After I read Rita's book and worked the sample problems I went to the local library and they head a number of study guides....I did use the Crowe book and Head First PMP to review additional practice questions. Rita's book had questions that were closer to the actual exam. Before you start studying, schedule your test date. You need to have an end date for your studying. This exam is "pump & dump" so you want to take the test at the peak of your studying not, get through studying then schedule it for a few weeks later.
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