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  1. TehMightyEngineer

    Crazy to not bring IBC?

    Agreed, I'd just bring the structural pages and if you wanted to really cut down on the printing you could cut out a good bit of the structural sections that you don't feel are required.
  2. TehMightyEngineer

    Passing Lateral without Course

    The index is your friend! Print it out and put it in it's own binder (or put it at the front of each AASHTO binder you have).
  3. TehMightyEngineer

    Passing Lateral without Course

    I also passed lateral without a course. As David said, you just need to focus on wind and seismic so your volume of studies will be minimal compared to vertical. However, this means the questions will be more in-depth. The one thing I'd add to David's list is ASCE 7-10's seismic commentary is fantastic; definitely read through that.
  4. TehMightyEngineer

    Exam Expiration

    Agreed with the above, I'd take the April exam even if you got zero studying for it. You should know some of it and worst case the real exam is far more of a teacher than many review courses can be. Even if it's a likely fail it's not wasted time or money and it will help motivate you to study all year for the October attempt.
  5. TehMightyEngineer

    SE building lateral exam

    No. There were only very minor edits between the two editions if I recall. Not necessary but I found volume 3 to be some help for a few topics, would recommend that one first. Volume 2 is good if you have it, but otherwise I wouldn't buy it just for the exam. Volume 4 I didn't have and didn't feel I needed it given that the AISC seismic manual is such a great reference. I had this and used it a bit to study but didn't use it at all in the exam. Didn't bother bringing it for the 2nd attempt. I would only get it if you can use it for work; from what I recall it's got some really complex problems in it that are great resources if you're doing a real building design but for exam problems it's too heavy. Decent reference for studying some topics and great to have around the office but definitely more bang for your buck elsewhere.
  6. TehMightyEngineer

    Results From October SE?

    I understand what you mean (and agree it should not come down to luck of the draw if you know your stuff), so I offer you (and anyone else considering taking the SE exam) my thoughts; the exam is brutal (a little too much IMO) but it also means that if you pass this you should be respected as an engineer who is on-top of their game. The extreme difficulty adds distinction to someone calling themselves an SE in my mind. I highly doubt there are many license exams in the professional world harder than than the SE exam. I took the exam in a region that doesn't require an SE precisely because of this extreme challenge. When I finally passed the SE exam I felt that I had learned just as much from studying for the SE exam as I had in college. I also felt that the SE exam had exposed me to many more things that I just hadn't fully learned in daily work. It was what truly allowed me to personally feel confident going out in the world and stating, "I am a structural engineer!" I know it doesn't help with your immediate goals, but each time you work toward the SE is 6 months of effort to making yourself a better structural engineer. I spent 2 years working on the exam and it was brutal, but when I finally passed it was the sweetest feeling. Think of how many PDH hours or meetings or college courses we take that do nothing for us professionally. This time is not wasted, whether you pass or not. So, with that, take a break to regroup. Figure out what you need to do differently this time around. Don't just do the same thing over again as it clearly didn't work. Try to mix things up and re-engage yourself so you can get back on the horse 100% motivated. You're so close, it would be a shame to quit now.
  7. TehMightyEngineer

    Results From October SE?

    Dang, you were close. I recall the time I passed lateral everyone was complaining about one problem that I found easy; but when I failed vertical I was complaining about a problem that everyone else said was easy. Sometimes you just need the exam questions to be "favorable" to your own skill set it seem. Luck of the draw I guess, at least you're not consistently deficient in one topic.
  8. TehMightyEngineer

    Results From October SE?

  9. TehMightyEngineer

    Results From October SE?

    I recently abandoned all pretense that people couldn't figure out who I am. But I fully respect and understand your motive; knowing it was 29 out of 40 is all I needed. Don't worry about the above average; here's my score for lateral where I missed it by one afternoon question: I have no idea what their average is, but I'm apparently not average. Passed on the second try for lateral. You want the really bad news. By my metric you missed passing by only a bit on that afternoon. If those were "improvement required" I bet it would have been sufficient. You're really close! In my experience, once you're that close you'll pass the next time around. Double down on the studies and I bet you will pass.
  10. TehMightyEngineer

    Annotation 2018-12-10 202407.jpg

  11. TehMightyEngineer

    Results From October SE?

    I'll open it if you don't. Also, run around the building or scream into a pillow before (or after) you open it. It helps.
  12. TehMightyEngineer

    SE Exam - Computer Based Exam 2024

    Well, the downside is my state didn't print my name in the newsletter because I took the 16-hour SE in lieu of the PE and since I took it in multiple parts they didn't see that I "passed the exam". Rude. This also means I cannot be licensed in CA, WA, NJ, and possible one or two others as I never passed the PE exam. Rude!
  13. TehMightyEngineer

    Results From October SE?

    I know that feeling. Raising a beer to ya'. GRATS! (You can get the rest of the congratulations when you pass LATERAL in April.) You got this! Shucks. Also want to know what your morning was but I suspect you did fine. I'll show you my first attempt at the SE if it makes you feel better. Took me 2 tries for each half, improved greatly each time and passed. If I can do it you can definitely do it!
  14. TehMightyEngineer

    SE Exam - Computer Based Exam 2024

    I've talked about this before on eng-tips and you and Mama Said brought up great points that I mostly agree with. So, I'll briefly give you my thoughts without writing an entire novel (so please understand there's more to my opinion). Raising billing rates by protectionism is foolish and self-defeating. Simply making it harder to become a PE will mean that a PE is even more just "passing a test" and less about the profession (literally, the ability to profess ones skills). We should make the profession more valuable. If you go to a painter and he/she says "I charge $20 / hr more than that guy but paint twice as fast" you can judge whether it's worth it. If you go to an engineer with a MS or a PhD and he/she charges $20 more than a BS engineer, how do you know if that MS or PhD actually adds value for your job? We need to fix the underlying reason why engineers are engaged in a "race to the bottom". Education is about preparing mental tools for practical use. I agree completely that current education in engineering is too broad. I have a BA and I "specialized" in structural engineering by taking any class related to structures I could as an elective. With that I still missed out on masonry, bridges, plates and shells, and so on. Many classes in university were useless to me and I knew they were at the time. Some effort was put in to make things "practical", and my professors were mostly practicing engineers who passed on many good lessons, but it's definitely lacking. The three biggest things that helped me become a confident engineer are my education (high school, university, etc.), working for 8 years at a small consulting firm dabbling in many different projects under a number of mentoring engineers, and passing the SE exam. None of those can replace the other in my mind; I needed all three to feel well-rounded enough to "profess" my engineering skills. I feel I honestly optimized my education and training so that I'm tackling my professional goals typically earlier than other engineers my age. Would it surprise you to know that I graduated 2 years after you and only got licensed as a PE in 2014 (stubbornly took the SE in lieu of the PE)? That said; I've been solo for 4 years now and am on track to possibly open up my own engineering firm soon. I strongly feel that if I took another 4 years at school I'd be about 2-3 years behind where I am right now. This. If it were up to me; structural engineer and SE would be a title designation distinct from the PE. You wouldn't be allowed to graduate with a civil engineering degree in college and be a SE; you would need an "structural engineering" BS (see IL state requirements for the courses needed to be an SE in that state, I actually had to qualify under the 8 years of experience rule as my BS wasn't enough). This could require 4 hard years in college or, as Mama Said suggested; most likely 5 years. Then, engineers who want to be a PE and an SE need to pass both the PE and SE exams. If you want to be a PE and work on structures then you need only pass the PE and there is no restriction if you're qualified by experience; but you can't call yourself an SE. This means that an SE needs to have the education background, have passed the 16-hour SE exam, and is focused on structural engineering. Everyone wins and, most importantly, it distinguishes the profession allowing for justification for increased fees that is measurable by laymen. In short, I felt that ASCE's initiative was self-serving and wouldn't ultimately help the profession. What is needed is a change that impacts the root cause for our professions woes. I'm not really disagreeing with you; just disagreeing with ASCE. Agreed. I think we both agree that getting someone to graduate college and go right into engineering without the usual year or so of hand-holding by a senior engineer is what we should strive for. If I had to guess, I suspect you and I are mostly in agreement with a lot about this topic.
  15. TehMightyEngineer

    SE Exam - Computer Based Exam 2024

    A stupid idea, that's what.