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  1. I am prepping for 2018 Machine design and materials. I already have the PE Exam review from Tim Kennedy for Mechanical system and Materials (Old Exam format). I am wondering if it is worth buying the new book (PE Exam review Machine Design and Materials) new format , are there additional topics added. Any insight will be helpful.
  2. Thanks for the answer. I am prepping for Machine Design and materials for April 2018.
  3. Are the practice exam from Ncees different in 2011 & 2016
  4. Do anybody know what the re-applying process is like after exhausting all the available attempts. Do I have to go through all the stuff like getting SER's from references , transcripts etc. Any responses willbe appreciated
  5. Yes I am not worried about the transcripts but the references and getting all the SER's are going to be redone from scratch I believe. Also I may try the thermal fluids next time.
  6. The problem is I have exhausted 4 attempts. I guess I have to start a new application process over again even than I am not sure the board will approve my application.
  7. I failed Mechanical (MD). The diagonostic report shows a score of 42. The tx website put it as 69. I am assuming I missed it by a point. I am humbly asking the forum, is manual verification worth it. Do any body have sucsess with it.
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