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  1. Ramnares P.E.

    NCEES TF 2016 #121

    Another vote for C.
  2. Ramnares P.E.

    How I Passed the Thermal / Fluid PE exam

    As a first time prep taker I strongly suggest prepping utilizing Lindeburg's Engineering Unit Conversions as this is the most comprehensive.
  3. Ramnares P.E.

    Late Bloomer Questions

    Statistically, the percentage of repeat test takers passing is much lower than that of first time takers. I agree with @AlliChEME that you want to put the time/effort in and pass this exam on the first try. Not sure what discipline you're planning on taking but as a general rule for Mechanicals you should get the MERM, Conversion book, and any/all practice exams you can get your hands on and work them studiously. Best of luck.
  4. Ramnares P.E.

    Whatcha Playin?

    I'm pretty late on this but finally started playing The Witcher 3 on PS4. Fantastic game so far. I keep moving away from the main quest and exploring (walking randomly) which is pretty cool but also gets me in trouble sometimes. I haven't been able to dedicate as much time as I want to it but definitely will keep at it. Can't wait to finish and get the expansion packs!
  5. Ramnares P.E.

    Movie thread

    I vote for On the Basis of Sex. I'm seriously considering going to the theater for that one!
  6. Ramnares P.E.

    Kids of EB

    Bit of a proud dad moment. We've been working through Tiger Math and Spectrum Math with mini-Ram at home. Bought him the B-4 Tiger Math and had it arrive on Monday while he was at school. After karate, roughly 6PM, I semi-seriously bet him if he could finish the entire book (90 pages) by 9PM I'd take him to Target to pick out a Lego set. Guess who ended up going to Target? That was definitely one bet I was pretty happy to lose!
  7. Ramnares P.E.

    Kids of EB

    Congrats @NJmike PE
  8. Ramnares P.E.

    Stop the 5G!

  9. Ramnares P.E.

    Composite Beam or Not

    Moving to more appropriate (non-exam prep) forum.
  10. Ramnares P.E.

    Ohio Recomendation requirements - help

    Moving this to the Anything About the PE Exam Forum.
  11. Ramnares P.E.

    PE Exam Rescore

  12. Ramnares P.E.

    How I Passed the Thermal / Fluid PE exam

    Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear this thread continues to help folks. Hope you guys stick around.
  13. Ramnares P.E.

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

  14. Ramnares P.E.

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Can we briefly ban all the noobs for barely reaching 1/3 of the required spam count?
  15. Ramnares P.E.

    NY State

    It generally takes NYS a few weeks to get license numbers and certs issued. Enjoy the feeling of passing the exam and buckle down for a, hopefully not too long, wait.