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  1. Same reason as college text books - gouge folks for $$$
  2. A very common downfall for those taking the exam if taking references which they are not familiar with and skimming for answers. If you have used the Machinery's HDBK in your job then you should take it, if you've never used it before and will purchase for the exam, it probably isn't needed.
  3. If you have the 29th edition, take that. I would not purchase the 30th edition solely for the exam.
  4. Same here. Also waiting on the next season of Bosch (Amazon Prime). Then again The Witcher is supposedly going to be released Nov - Dec so lots to see!
  5. 18 on the list but then again I was born mid-80s...
  6. Neither the Machinery HDBK 30th Edition nor Shigley 10th Edition has that identical formula. I second what @Audi driver, P.E. recommended regarding using the existing Shigley formula and see what the % difference is.
  7. Crane's Fluid Flow Manual is typically the source for pipe sizes, wall thickness, area etc. and was the source material used when I did process/power piping and piping distribution.
  8. Gave up on MITHC after 2 or 3 episodes of S1. Heard lots of good things so maybe I need to give it another try?
  9. On an entirely unrelated note to the above ^ Amazon is currently producing Wheel of Time and Lord of the Rings into tv series which is quite the undertaking. WoT is a massive series and no idea how they plan on getting it all in. Either way - WoT, LotR, and The Witcher - lots to watch!
  10. Same here. Also happy that it's Netflix so I assume they'll release the entire first season and won't piece meal it.
  11. Air Force buddy of mine sent me the link to the trailer yesterday. Looks pretty awesome. On a side note, does Tom Cruise even age?
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