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  1. Stumbled into Born Strong which briefly follows the life and prep of four strongmen competitors - Eddie Hall, Shaw, Thor, and Z. Awesome look into some of the training and interesting to get a view into their personal life. @Supe if you haven't seen it, I'm sure you'd appreciate this.
  2. This. I had the 2009 version when I took the exam and even then had to write in a few conversions that I found missing during my exam prep.
  3. Concur with this. The change from the "general" morning is a detriment to the exam and the introduction of this reference manual is more akin to the FE where you're testing to what's provided and not testing to what is representative of the industry.
  4. Enviro's sneaking into the Mechanical board for advice, what gives??!
  5. I'm sure I'm very late to this series but wife finally got me to watch Blacklist and I am hooked. Trying to binge but not succeeding though I've managed 4 episodes in the last day and a half...
  6. @Kritesh Anand you are borderline spamming the board with links to this course. This is your only warning before being banned.
  7. g/gc is a common fluids ratio used when mass and force and involved, i.e. lbm, lbf, or involving work of a fluid. The MERM should have a discussion of this, if not, your Fluid Mechanics text will.
  8. Looking at the problem I don't think the conversion is necessary. Perhaps the thread author is simply more comfortable working in those units >shrug<
  9. Glad to hear you're enjoying it @Supe. I haven't been able to get much playing time in so you're probably very close or ahead of me! I'm still very guilty of walking around doing side quests rather than the main but that's what makes it so interesting. Let me know how it goes!
  10. Agree with @monty01
  11. Another vote for C.
  12. As a first time prep taker I strongly suggest prepping utilizing Lindeburg's Engineering Unit Conversions as this is the most comprehensive.
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