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  1. There are some who advocate for this and may not be an entirely bad idea.
  2. I have tons of vacation to burn so hope to finish the game then (no expansion packs yet). You're a gentle soul - I killed them both just to complete the collection.
  3. Completely agree with @jean15paul_PE above. Well said.
  4. Materials for sale should be posted in the Yard Sale forum and not solicited in general threads. Please follow these guidelines accordingly.
  5. What kind of BS is that? Everyone takes the pencil. Also, just because I'm a grumpy "old" man I hate the new pencil design. They should go back to the old style.
  6. @MrEngineer2020 there is a separate forum for sale of items. Please post your items there in lieu of in-thread solicitations. This is your only warning.
  7. But how would you know if he truly found something funny? He laughs at everything! Me: "Well Jimmy both my parents died in a horrible crash last night"
  8. Would be more fun to post then/now photos.
  9. Haven't attended a game in a couple years because I've been priced out unless I want to sit in the nose-bleeds. Prefer to sit at home with my non-marked up beer and food.
  10. Looks like a case of absolute negligence by the designers/engineers...
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