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  1. Finally Stranger Things Season 3 is out! Mini-binge watching.
  2. The old exam format addressed both concerns. The morning portion specifically tested general engineering concepts whereas the afternoon was depth specific. The new exam tests mostly depth specific only.
  3. Please do not double post. The thread in the Anything about the PE forum has been locked.
  4. I'm fairly liberal but sometimes it's a bit extreme. Here's a good example of that: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/13/opinion/womens-world-cup-2019-usa.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage#commentsContainer Arguing the US goal scoring and celebration of it was over the top is ridiculous. You're willingly participating in a competitive sport, in the most significant tournament on the global stage. All goals are meaningful but particularly those in the WC. From a tournament standpoint, if the US has to rely on goal difference to move forward, this obviously would be a huge boost.
  5. Wife has bugged me to watch Kim's Convenience which she recently started. Sitcom focused on Korean family, actually much funnier than I expected.
  6. Florida Man Arrested For Throwing Alligator Into Wendy’s Drive-Thru
  7. @SacMe24 this question was already answered in the Mechanical TFS forum and should be ignored as it is a multiple post.
  8. @Harryasd don't post the same questions in multiple forums. You've already asked this question here:
  9. Generally I've found 3-4 steps are required to solve a problem. All problems do not require 6 minutes to solve - that is the average time to solve a problem (4hrs/40problems = 6mins/prob). It is typical you may find some problems which you can solve in 1-2 mins whereas others may take up to 10 mins.
  10. Just started Vikings on Hulu. First episode was pretty good and about what I expected. Will probably watch a few more episodes and decide if I want to continue or give up on it.
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