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  1. Finished Breaking Bad. The rave reviews are thoroughly justified. It's one of the very few shows where the writing/acting stayed strong through all the seasons and the finale was awesome yet completely logical.
  2. So is this something you Civils get a hard-on over? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/15/science/construction-concrete-bacteria-photosynthesis.html
  3. NSPE mostly for the 15 "free" PDHs that come with membership. I'm not active and don't particularly care for networking.
  4. Was going to say I'm sick of all the Baby Yoda posts but that was totally worth it.
  5. Picked back up with Breaking Bad. I was binge watching a while ago and stopped midway through S3. Started watching again about a week now and on the third episode of S5. The break was definitely needed. The show is as good as I remember it being.
  6. After the mindless entertainment that is Avengers I thought Joker was very well done and definitely would see again.
  7. The portals play a big role in the books. One of the simpler things they could have done is use time stamps so it wouldn't be as confusing. Having read the books and played the game it was still a bit confusing to follow as they kept jumping between time periods.
  8. The Witcher S1 on Netflix. Other than some curious casting, great series and fairly true to the source material.
  9. 1. Congrats on passing the exam. 2. Passing the exam lends no legitimacy to your argument regarding approximations. 3. Are quality engineers really engineers though? (trolling) 4. If you feel this strongly about it then contact NCEES in lieu of arguing on this board.
  10. I'm with @JayKay PE. Essentially you're only asking for a 10% bump based on your current salary which sounds a bit woeful. Given the responsibilities and your expected project revenue, $130k isn't unreasonable.
  11. I remember reading that article a short while ago and resulting butt-hurt from the Disney/Marvel fanatics.
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