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  1. Crunchercrunch, I passed the electronics exam in April '13. The key to the exam is the NCEES practice test. Seriously. Spend as much time as you can with it. For each question think about what other questions could be asked of the same scenario. If there is any doubt in your mind about one of the questions, seek out the answer. Produce materials as needed to whip that test. Message me with any questions.
  2. Passed in April and still no raise or promised bonus... Boss says it's coming
  3. Interesting data point. I wonder what the format of the bar is? I'm guessing not multiple choice.
  4. bseePEguy PASSED PE - Electrical - Electronics OHIO
  5. must be nice to get natural light... I walk out of my Cube and open the door to the exit with my eyes squinted like a mole out of a hole... All the "little" engineers offices here don't have windows, but the door faces a CAD area which basically a huge three-story glass wall but it would be great to have a window to crack it open every ones in a while... My hubby ordered a fat-head with Beaver stadium view (6'x4') and got an extra poster (long story) - so I thought it'd look awesome on the wall behind my back (instead of the window that doesn't exist) - this idea didn't go well with the upper management haha It was worth the try though! Our cubes are all gray - and the walls are white -- we need color around here!Puke pink cube walls here.Oh I'll keep the gray then! That sounds...interesting...Kind of like a burlap sack that's tannish pink with red and blue speckles. Not sure what era they come from. Maybe someone was trying to make the workplace "warm" looking?Haha, burlap... We have the same stuff. Abrasive too.
  6. Check the NCEES facebook page... it was posted there yesterday.
  7. 75 for Ohio application 265 for PE exam 50 Ohio PE registration fee 15 Calculator (Used) 183.50 EERM 45 NCEES Sample Test 240.24 Hotel $873.74
  8. bseepeguy


    Passed in Ohio - Electronics
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