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  1. There are two methods of applying in NC (Found here): The long application, where you list all your experience and get reference letters, etc. The short application, where you use the NCEES online system to pre-approve your experience and references. You could start filling out all your information on the NCEES record, but I wouldn't submit it for approval until after you have passed the test and are ready to apply - it must be approved within the last 6 months or something and the references must all be current as well. NC is one of the states where you can use the NCEES record for your initial application, most you can't. It was meant to help speed up the process of applying to multiple states.
  2. Woooooo! Just got my licensed issued today!!!!
  3. I would spend time on Topic I - as it will be fundamental to the unit conversion questions, as well as the other "in-depth" questions. Always good to refresh on the basics. I can't say I specifically remember any questions on Topics VIII, X (Vibrations), or XI. I would browse through it and work a problem or two on each to make sure you are familiar enough with the concepts. I vaguely remember seeing a question or two on VII, X (Dynamics) and IX. Simple stuff like a drawing of a part with tolerances given and having to determine distances between holes or shorter problems about forces while moving weights up a hill, etc. Just a problem on each really. I feel like for the most part, they really concentrated on the Thermal and Fluids stuff in the afternoon - definitely some economics/project management questions though.
  4. I can say that the April 2019 exam had a significant amount of questions on thermodynamic cycles.
  5. Hey All, So I actually joined after taking my FE but totally forgot about this forum until I tried to register after taking my PE in April and discovered I was already a member! Anyway, I graduated in 2010 with my ME degree, worked in a number of fields (Reliability and Maintainability, MEP, Boilers & PV, etc), and now just passed my PE in Thermal & Fluids. Waiting on my application approval and initial license from NC (my current state of residence) and will then apply to a few more states in the coming months. Looking forward to being a part of this community. Rob
  6. Bump - anyone that passed the PE in NC this April get their NC license issued yet? If so, when did you get your application in? I know the holiday has probably slowed them down but haven't heard back from Laura yet.
  7. I actually neglected to study for either the FE or PE and thankfully passed both on the first attempt. However, my current job has been a good prep (being in the boiler rental business and having to design the equipment and advise customers on their needs). I don't think my experience is normal or should be used as an example, haha.
  8. I took it in Philadelphia as well.
  9. Also, I just got off the phone with the board and she said she got an email that the results are being released today and they are sending out letters. She wasn't sure if they would send an email or not but my friend who took it last october got an email telling him where to check on a website. Here is to hoping! Good luck everyone!
  10. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I checked the "Verify a License" for my friend and I and my last name is McMichael and his is Shannon and we both showed up as active.... Are you sure you are typing in Last name in the first box? I made that mistake when I first entered my name a few weeks ago.
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