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  1. First, you need to decide in what state you’re going to be taking your FE exam (I assume it’s Georgia) Then, call State Board of Engineers and Surveys and ask them what the requirements for examinees with foreign degree are. Based on my example (PA) I had to apply for evaluation thru NCEES (ONLY, no other agencies were allowed to do evaluation for FE exam) with all the paper work required from the University and such and after they were done with the evaluation process they simply forwarded the information to the State Board, then State Board reviews the files and decides if you’re allowed to take FE test.. I don’t remember all the details but you definitely need to start with a conversation with your state Board. And be prepared for a few months of waiting till your evaluation is complete if it’s NCEES.. Good luck!
  2. I took Civil afternoon and can say that Lindeburg doesn’t not cover pm.. maybe just few little aspects. It is pretty useful for am session. If you pick General foe pm, you might be ok with Lindeburg but I won’t limit your study materials to this book only. I also used and found it very helpful for me – – plenty of material for am and pm sessions on any module you pick. Good luck!
  3. If it’s not ABET accredited, than you’ll have to do credential evaluation of the degree you have at NCEES credential evaluations branch and they will determine if the degree you have from “not ABET accredited” university is “Equal” .. that’s it!
  4. I took School of PE for October 2012 exam and failed, scored just little over 50%.. Then I re-took it since they offer free rerun but I more-less used it selectively – just for subjects I had problems with. I don’t believe that School of PE or any other class ONLY will help you pass. The major breaking point for me was that I changed my strategy – I didn’t pay much attention to School of PE anymore but put majority of the afford into solving problems from 1) 1001 solved problems by Lindeburg, 2) FERM by Lindeburg & 3) problems from If you need a refreshment (been out of school for a while) School of PE is perfect for that but again, like I said – if you use ONLY this class and nothing else you’ll probably fail.
  5. I've been out of school for 5 years + for me English is a second language, I passed April 2013 and used the following: 1. School of PE 2. (very useful) 3. 1001 Solved Problems (the most useful book) 4. FERM
  6. I don't know about you but I'm getting little tipsy tonight, or maybe even a LOT!
  7. OMG!!! I didn't even realize what you're talking about!!!! Thanks! same to you! :party-smiley-048: :party-smiley-048:
  8. Maryland ... 12 years experience .... reciprocity to PA in 4 years. Hahaha yes... everybody likes my email also..
  9. Oh.. I get it now! Can you take PE in a different state and then just wait 4 year? or do you have to be a resident or something?
  10. Wait.. how are you going to do this? I thought PA requires 4 years of post-EIT to apply for PE?
  11. There are still no results.. whatever happened yesterday was unexplainable thing..
  12. I'm sorry you have to go thru this bs... I can't even believe there is a reasonable explanation for such a thing.... I just wish this nightmare is going to over soon!
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