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  1. Trademark04

    April 2018 Results Map

    WI IS OUT.....wish i had better news. 10:40EST
  2. Trademark04

    Results Today-From Trusted Source

    What about unfiltered emails?
  3. Trademark04

    Guess the date!

  4. Trademark04

    Guess the date!

  5. Trademark04

    Guess the date!

    I'm 0-2 now on dates, based on timelines from 17, I thought the 17th, based on the meetings, I thought today. I give up!
  6. Trademark04

    Guess the date!

    What that guy said.
  7. Trademark04

    Guess the date!

    The eraser did suck actually, I spent 5 minutes just trying to erase the old mark of revised answers.
  8. Hmmm...I do know a few engineers that took the civil exam after failing the EE a couple times.
  9. Or perhaps tracking who will walk Meghan down the aisle, if anyone at all!
  10. Trademark04

    Guess the date!

    I had looked back at the board and there seemed to be people who posted received results on the 4th, even if the email came out the 5th. That's why I noted it that way... I could be wrong.
  11. Trademark04

    Guess the date!

    I'm fairly convinced now that it will be the 22nd.
  12. Trademark04

    Guess the date!

    April 2017, the first day after the final exam meeting was May 25th. October 2017, the first day after final exam meeting was Dec 4 April 2018, the first day after final exam meeting is June 4th.........Maybe they throw a bone on the 22nd......
  13. Trademark04

    Counting Down!!! April 2018 Results

    Yes, it was the 21st. Edit: Test date 4/21/17, result email notification 5/25/17. Note, my results were obtained after others obtained results earlier in the week. WI Test date 4/13/18, result projected week of 5/14/18
  14. Trademark04

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    I took the test in April 2017 and did not pass... I felt this was perhaps easier than last time and I can confidently say I did not adequately prepare for this exam due to work (like nearly zero studying.) So perhaps I didn't know that I didn't know. That being said, I work in the consulting realm and felt perhaps this test leaned itself towards my profession more so than my previous attempt.
  15. Trademark04

    Electrical PE Exam - Apr. 2017

    Failed, but not surprised. I worked instead of studied ahead of this exam...So I'm an AE (consulting engineer) and i took the power exam because the prep materials for the AE test are terrible. Below are my diagnostics.... Not being an EE and not practicing circuit analysis, no shock there. What would be the best resources for measurement and instrumentation and Transmission system analysis? The few code questions I did not get i'm sure are related to the transmission code.