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  1. FYI: the new NCEES examinee management system going into affect with the October 2010 exam may make it more difficult for retaking the test a large number of times. Info from their LICENSURE EXCHANGE states the following: This online system will allow boards to track a candidate’s exam attempts across jurisdictions. This will strengthen exam security and allow boards to better enforce limits on exam attempts. More info from NCEES LICENSURE EXCHANGE on the new examinee management system: http://bit.ly/cxBdBs
  2. So the new NCEES LICENSURE EXCHANGE (February 2010) has some more info regarding the new examinee management system that will be used starting with the October 2010 exam. It looks like every state will now have the following "features": •Examinee seat cards, arranged to separate candidates taking the same exam •Proctor rosters, with examinees divided into groups of 24 per proctor •Online exam authorization notices •Online score notices The system seems like a good idea. But it is just one of those things that if it works - great - but if not a person could be in for some headaches trying to sort things out between your state and NCEES. Best wishes
  3. NCEES has made a lot of changes to their web site. The new link to the FE Handbook is: http://www.ncees.org/Exams/Study_materials...ce_Handbook.php It is free, but you will need to enter an email address so that they can send you a password. Note that some states (i.e. Illinois) do not allow you to bring the FE Exam Reference Handbook into the PE Exam. Best Wishes,
  4. MRDPE

    ELSES....are they gone?

    Well, from my understanding of this, ELSES really isn't gone --- it was just a name change for legal / financial reasons. And NCEES stated that "those receiving the services provided by ELSES will see no noticeable changes.” http://theprofessionalengineer.com/2009/07...ation-services/ So I would guess that the results would come out at about the same time. Best wishes,
  5. The short answer is "maybe they would allow it." Since you don't have a bachelor's degree from an approved program, they will need to review your education. They will review your transcripts to see if you have met the minimal requirements. It looks like they will take your masters degree into consideration - so that may help - but then it would not count towards your experience. Here is the link to Illinois DPR's "Definition of Degree in a Non-approved Engineering Program or a Related Science Curriculum" http://www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/adminc...800002200R.html I would recommend that you contact them directly ( http://www.idfpr.com/dpr/WHO/pe.asp ). Best Wishes, MRDPE http://TheProfessionalEngineer.com
  6. You might try one of these "Mobile Folding File Carts" I have seen them at Office Depot / Staples / Office Max. Besides what you can put inside, you can stack books on top. And it only cost about $20. Just don't try to bring too much (i.e. more than you will need). You need to figure out how far you will have to drag your stuff - it may be a good distance from the parking lot to the exam room. Just some thoughts ... Best wishes, MRDPE http://TheProfessionalEngineer.com
  7. And the winners are.... the same as last year! http://www.ncees.org/news/index.php?release_id=44
  8. MRDPE

    Illinois PE

    Yes - check out that link to the Illinois site - and call or email them. However I don't think you will find a quick way to "convert" your Canadian license. The Canadian licensing process does not satisfy any of the state requirements for examination. Because of this, you will find that you will need to complete the same application and examination process as US citizens - which in your case will include taking the PE exam in IL. I have heard that there are a few (very few) states that have a "reciprocity" agreement with Canada - but Illinois is not one of them. Best Wishes
  9. For what it is worth I took the "live" IIT classroom review course a few years ago (actually more than a few now). It was very good and well worth the investment of time and $$.
  10. MRDPE

    PE Seal/Stamp

    Why not get both? The rubber stamp will probably be used much more frequently however. There are some nice self-inking ones out there. If you put the license expiration date on the stamp you will need to get a new one more frequently. http://theprofessionalengineer.com/2008/02...-stamp-or-seal/ MRDPE
  11. MRDPE


    The GREEN skin is excellent. Nice change from the default; I think it makes the posts easier to read.
  12. MRDPE


    It seems to be in the "too good to be true" category...
  13. The best thing to do is to check directly with the State you want to get licensed in. ( http://theprofessionalengineer.com/online-...state-agencies/ ) And yes, you will likely need to use the services provided by the Center for Professional Engineering Education Services (CPEES) to evaluate your education credentials. ( http://theprofessionalengineer.com/2008/04/07/cpees/ )
  14. Check out this recent article in Electronic Design magazine http://electronicdesign.com/Articles/Artic...8642/18642.html In particular note the statement by the author that "The exam and requirements for a PE license are so broad and general not to mention dated as to be next to worthless to most electronic engineers." I have left my comments to the author on their web site; perhaps if a few others commented as well he may gain a greater appreciation for professional licensure.
  15. MRDPE

    Audio material for PE

    The "other board" does have a 3 DVD set "Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering on DVD". My recommendation however would be to just listen to your favorite music while you concentrate on your driving. Try to figure out a way to avoid or eliminate the commute so that you can spend more "quality time" in preparation for the exam. Best wishes,