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  1. I agree with the guys above, code questions which I saw in the HVAC section of exam I found in the 4 ASHRAE books.
  2. What does your HVAC consulting firm charge clients. hourly? $/sq.ft.? What services do you provide in this price (load calcs, CAD design, title 24, etc) ?
  3. I'm wondering what is the demand for revit mep in the HVAC industry? autodesk is pushing revit hard. What does your company use?
  4. I'm doing HVAC consulting design work in Northern California. What are the billing rates for clients? $/sq.ft.? What services provide to customers (load calcs, CAD design, title 24, etc) ?
  5. andreyshka

    Hvac exam

    I've taken and passed the PE exam, HVAC afternoon section, this October. I did take the School of PE prep class which helped to focus on the needed materials. Know your conversions, understand heat exchanger problems (air to air, water to air, water to water). Exam taking Strategy: focus on your stengths. Do three passes of the exam. 1st- do only the easy ones in 30 sec or less no computations, 2nd do the computation problems you know, 3rd do the hard problems. A lot times on your 1st pass you might not know how to approch hard a problem but as you take the exam other problems can trigger ideas.
  6. You will have to pass FE exam before you can sit for the PE exam.
  7. Passed!!! CA, first time. HVAC Mechanical.
  8. andreyshka


    Got my NCEES email notification. Passed!!!! in CA. Mechanical, HVAC
  9. Thanks for the list. I'll be taking the HVAC portion in Oct.
  10. I want to take HVAC in afternoon. Do i need books for steam and gas tables?
  11. I want to take the HVAC afternoon section, what books i need to buy for psych charts, tables, steam? What did you guys use?
  12. What is 'Shigley'? is the study material. Also, many people say they index MERM. What does that mean?
  13. You took HVAC in afternoon; How many HVAC problems did you see in afternoon? It seems like they give T/F in afternoon also. Also, What books did you use in the exam? I have the MERM and the Lindeburg Unit Conversion.
  14. Wondering those that took prep courses, which one you would you recommend?
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