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  1. cjcaro87

    DC Results

    It still says Awaiting Scores on my DCBPE page tho
  2. cjcaro87

    DC Results

    @tehparadox1 I passed!!!!!!!!!! I had convinced myself that I had failed from your post this morning. You cant believe the shock I got when I saw green on screen.
  3. cjcaro87

    DC Results

    I wonder way its taking so long however to release the results to everyone or at least give NCEES the ok to release results. when I took it in 2017 results came out the first day.
  4. cjcaro87

    DC Results

    I am definitely not giving up. Its just a bummer to have to go through the studying and wait phase again. I took a year off this last time but i think I will go for it again in April IDK if the year off played a role but I was pretty rust when I picked the books back up this time.
  5. cjcaro87

    DC Results

    I also took construction, The first time I took it I took wre and took school of PE this time around I took construction and took ASCE review course. I felt like I had a better handle of the material this time around but looks like it wasn't good enough.
  6. cjcaro87

    DC Results

    this is my second time taking it so I am really interested in seeing my diagnostic to see if I at least did better than last time. Congratulations to you by the way
  7. cjcaro87

    DC Results

    Has anyone else received this? I guess I failed because I still haven't heard anything.
  8. There was a guy at my exam that had 0, thats right 0 resources. He at least did bring a lunch, apparently he thought you couldn't bring anything into the exam room. I am curious to know how he did.
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