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  1. I always thought he was overrated. Solid player, but not the baseball god people make him out to be. And I was a college student in the Bronx when they were winning all those World Series. I never got the hype.
  2. VT, what am I watching? said TV.
  3. I've only read one of those I think. Right now I'm into Star Wars (when am I not) and whodunnit novels. I read the Chet and Bernie series, very light hearted series about a PI and his canine partner, as told by the pooch. And the Harry Bosch series, which is a lot darker and more realistic. There's a B&N at the local mall, I can't go to the mall without wandering in there.
  4. They haven't finished building all the facilities yet and it starts tomorrow.
  5. SW for the win.
  6. My mom works for a CVS. She works the opening shift and the only thin people are buying the first hour or so is a pack of smokes.
  7. Did you frost your own cake this year?
  8. Obviously a degree from Europe is superior.
  9. If you can't figure it out, you probably shouldn't be taking the test to start with.
  10. I wonder if this win will get the 'game manager' moniker off of him.
  11. I doubt it but I'd love to see an age breakdown. I was too busy taking all these really tough senior or grad level classes and looking for a job. I took it a year after graduation.
  12. I'm switching between marathons of Cops and Star Trek: TNG.
  13. Love sour cream, bacon I could take or especially leave.
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