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  1. You better change winning the powerball or mega millions than get 56 rights
  2. LOL I think I have the same group of friends..I think I am coming to 10 pencils now ..!
  3. Ah..this thread..completely forgotten about this. My frame was packed away when I move to a new place ..(800sq ft place)..so it still sitting in the wrapper LOL...i need to find a place to put it up..maybe when i move next year!
  4. Good luck to those who taking it tomorrow at the fairground...the sight of that place still haunt me! Bring your lunch...don't go out and buy it. Like I said before, around lunch time, the main going out of the fairground is pretty crowded
  5. our company is very supportive on getting PE. They encourage all engineers should take the PE. They paid for review course, application fee, exam fee (after you pass), continue education course, renewal fee and immediate bump in salary after you passed.
  6. kinda glad I took mine when it's still pencil and paper for EIT and PE...Our pencils will worth a lot now Suck to go between tab for reference! They cheapen the PE exam..it suppose to be the holy grail!
  7. Don't architects already have AIA? But architectural engineering is more like building engineer, MEP kind
  8. If that the case, the person in question, should look why he failed the test but using the excuse "I am bad in taking exam" I think you need to examine why you did not passed. Look at the materials and understanding it
  9. But yet we all managed to limp across the finish line on our 4 years of college which have countless of exams and quizzes. I used to look at the PE is just another standardized exam but after I took it, it's slightly different. It has the real life experience type of questions involved I think the point here is to understand the subject you are learning and learn how to apply and where to find the information when you need it instead of grinding it through.
  10. From what I heard ya... Ask NJMike LOL
  11. oh man..can't imagine you can passed without calculator!
  12. Yea man..totally...my As do come easy haha but I don't learn a thing!
  13. No..when Maryland got rid of PCS, my results came out pretty fast. Maryland was one of the top 5 states lol
  14. Nah..it's just habit of verifying and checking stuffs. Same thing checking drawings or submittal you submitting to the client for mistake
  15. yea, even email stating check for mistake. I am always paranoid of them butchering my name or DOB
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