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  1. It’s been fun having this spam for lunch.
  2. Ooh, I want to see a pic of you with long hair!
  3. I really need that tequila coffee! Trying to do the impossible.
  4. I’m assuming we are talking hair.....mine is dyed auburn, and long. Wavy (aka frizzy) the princess diaries before the makeover. It’s either completely down, or in a low ponytail when in the field (under hard hat).
  5. I’ve got to get a job there first. Or pay off enough debt to make the move sans job and look after (which is the current route to us moving). This! But it’s just until he is trained to go outside. Had him a little over a week, and we are definitely attached.
  6. Our six week old German Shepherd puppy seems to be doing well with training to use puppy pads. We bring him outside several times a day, too. Definitely spoiled!
  7. I’m so stuffed......from eating crawfish jambalaya stuffed chicken!
  8. Just means I’ll have to pack a flask.
  9. No, it’s my life slogan. I’m a little upset that Margaritaville coffee doesn’t include tequila.
  10. Well, look at that, everyone at work is available on chat!
  11. Try growing that in your office.
  12. Greenhouse? Do they make mini desk versions?
  13. I’m so bored today!!!! I’m sure sh*t will hit the fan when I’m in H-town tomorrow.
  14. It’s all good, I’m fat too. I could use a little bit of starvation mode.
  15. Ok, teach just sent pic of my kid eating “dirt”...and now I want chocolate pudding. Damned diet!
  16. I think I should change it to CrazyLady.
  17. It’s an is snape (it’s not from HP). They both were me....but I’ve changed my name and with other circumstances, neither no longer fit. I should change it.
  18. Come mow mine, I haven’t had time!
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