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  1. Are PE results out? And no, I haven’t had time to pay attention.
  2. Would it be a bad idea to bring a rum cake to the company pot luck lunch, taking place during work hours? I mean, it’s food, so...
  3. Good noon-ish.....that doesn’t sound right. well, it is 5 o’clock somewhere
  4. I’m trying to invest, but work is getting in the way. Actually, it’s making things worse. Maybe I can get on short term disability to take a few weeks off?
  5. It’ll take more than a few , I’m afraid.
  6. Take a penny leave a penny, I need my 2 cents. They are all I have left....all that I have, and loosing them will make me senseless.
  7. Raining....some more. No horse lessons today. And possibly no baseball game (they scheduled it for indoors), but, it’s storming.
  8. For us ladies:
  9. I don’t know about you, but I’m not working.
  10. How’d it go? I mean, we’ve had some pretty bad weather.
  11. This flooding BS needs to stop.
  12. Well, that was one of my ideas. The other was something to do with ice cream did mention dessert.
  13. If I get the orange one, I’m thinking about putting black stripes on it, and naming it Tony. It’ll be “Grrrrrrrrrrrreat!”
  14. Oh yeah!!! That’ll be what we say when asked.
  15. What is a cone contest?...I’ve got a few ideas floating around in my head. I want to know which, if any, are right.
  16. Is for me, but I have appointments tomorrow.
  17. No... SO loves blue...we found an awesome orange looking one, so...
  18. Thoughts on an orange colored Jeep Wrangler? We may end up with one. So one blue and one orange.
  19. New day spam...I’m worried about getting stuck in Houston (it’s not where I live) with the flooding going on.
  20. 0 tolerance works, and multiple failures shouldn’t be happening.
  21. Why is the safety program at every company the exact same, different wording. It didn’t stop those explosions did it?
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