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  1. Same...and I’ve never worked civil...ever
  2. I’m all for everyone living how they kids, married/not married, monogamous/polyamory.
  3. I’s not single....been in the same relationship for over 14 years...until death do us part.
  4. Hey....the grinch stole the results, you have to start singing to get them.
  5. PEe seeking me in wastewater...
  6. Lmao....must be why I married someone who would read the encyclopedia as a kid for fun.
  7. I would think being a little short fat chick with no boobs would deter anyone from “looking”. Apparently some people like that sort of thing, and they aren’t afraid to let ya know. Geeze. I feel like the nerdier I look, the worse it is too. Is nerd in or something...I’m seriously like Mei in OW. She’s my spirit toon.
  8. Me, I’m not releasing them until after Christmas. This group’s been bad!
  9. Hey, I mean, it could be. Do we have a married/dating/single line on the profile here? I know, it’s a professional type site, but so is linked in and I’ve gotten my share of men looking for women messages there.
  10. Meet me at work...I’ll have cookie dough fudge tomorrow.
  11. Wait, so there’s a legit dating thread here? I mean, I guess I could see maybe it would be a good place. TGINS (thank god I’m not single)
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