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  1. I used binders that I filled in while working the course. These binders, the reference manual he provided, and the MERM are what I used during the exam. I’d like to note I failed machine design (can’t remember the exact name) depth twice, before switching to TFS. Advanced machine design is what I took as my sr year elective. I only passed after switching depth to TFS and taking the Dr Tom course. I can’t believe I still have these, but here they are: Oh, and I copied the practice problems from 6MS, cut them out individually, and glued each problem on its own page so that I could hole punch and put in the binder.
  2. He didn’t have the fast track course when I took it. But he is amazing at explaining material in an easy to understand way. Definitely recommend his courses. I took the PE exam 10 years after graduating (I took FE my sr year in college). It is a fantastic course for those who have been out of school a while. Follow everything exactly as he lined out. My only deviation was that I read the material in the MERM first before watching the videos or working any problems. That way I had an idea of what was being covered in the videos that week. GL!
  3. I hope we are, I’ll post a bunch of spam. If I have time.
  4. I’m in full on ‘IDGAF, let them fire me’ mode, which is running hand in hand with ‘about to walk out this door and not come bsck’ mode.
  5. How cool would that be to sip on a Bloody Mary while watching JL!
  6. Yes, too bad for you, you aren’t here! Edit-wait, who was that statement to?
  7. Not sure what this is anout, but JELLO SHOTS!!!!!!!!!
  8. The cheap one (I’m assuming...all things tech related are vetted and bought by my spouse). The acer mixed reality. We’ve been eyeing VR headsets for a while.
  9. My spouse used to stream on twitch when she played. I’ve only played a couple of times, but it is fun. It’s actually pretty nice in VR, just don’t start out in a docking station when you haven’t quite learned how to fly...that was a wild and dizzying trip!
  10. So, we also got one of those mixed reality headsets. Yeah, apparently I get motion sickness from it. Was in elite dangerous for all of 10 mins.
  11. No, send me the link. I thought about asking you if you build and to get a price quote, but we found a “holiday shopping weekend” deal on the one we bought. We now have three gaming systems for three gamers. I was having to fight my 8 year old for evening pc time.
  12. Exactly Do it all the time here, in SE Tx, SW La. That! I’s a Cajun, we love to eat.
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