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  1. I would not accept less than your current hourly rate as an engineer, especially if you are licensed...
  2. I took the Texas PE. As a chemical engineer (refining), I was a little nervous about what they'd take as qualifying experience, but my experience was accepeted readily. I also have a masters of engineering & 7 yrs experience when I applied, so I guess that was good for them. My advice would be to apply, and if you're rejected, just reapply in 6 months with the additional experience. It's never too early to start studying for that exam though....I wouldn't have wanted to take it more than once....
  3. I wish they did this. I know I passed, with an 80%, but I'd love to know the raw score....
  4. I don't think so. If you pass, you don't get diagnostic results from NCEES. I passed TX PE Chem with an 80, but no idea of the # of questions correct.
  5. BSChE 2004 EIT 2004 ME (ChE) 2011 PE October 2012!!! So 8.5 years from Bachelors, 1.5 yrs from Masters.... Now I need to find the MBA for Engineers thread...
  6. I think these are the curved scores? Hopefully when the results are available on, we'll be able to see the # of questions that were completed correctly & figure the curve from that.....
  7. I got mine in TX. Passed, PE Chem, 80
  8. paw1191

    It's like

    it's like......moonlighting
  9. i'm glad this devolved into something non-serious.
  10.'s not that serious....ok, maybe it is, but still....
  11. i feel like a fish in a pond the 1st day of fishing season.....
  12. if i pass.....there will be style......Gangnam Style.....
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