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  1. Yep, it’s lame. The EIT license looks more impressive than the PE license.
  2. Thank you. Most of the professors are good. I took the structural depth - some of their structural guys talk very fast, but I guess they have a lot to cover. You have to do some self studying and crank out as many problems as you can. 1) The summary of formulas that EET give you are very good. Those all made debut in my personal reference guide. I gave mine to a co-worker so they can model it after mine, so I can’t provide a photo right now. It was a 4” binder with sections for all the major AM topics and PM topics. As for the hand notes, I had step by step guidelines for all the ASCE 7 wind, seismic, ice, and snow loading. I had separate sections for properties of shapes/areas, conversion factors, and shear/moment formulas for beams (NDS, CERM, AISC). 2) I did not really do any problems from any other source other than EET. They give you quiz problems and practice problems. I think there were at least 40 problems per section of material, plus quiz problems and sample problems. I spent an entire weekend doing steel problems alone. I would say the questions are about on par with the exam and some possibly more complex (multi step problems). 3) I basically started studying for the April exam when I found out I failed the October exam in December. I would say I was doing a minimum of 1 hour a day until the last 2 months leading into it. After that I really ramped things up and was doing on average 2 hours a week night and at least 6-8 hours on the weekends. I did a total of three 8 hour mock exams at the library on Saturdays near the end. 4) I had everything. Didn’t use the PCI and I didn’t need to use the AASHTO because I actually knew the answer to the question (I’m a bridge guy). Some questions require 30 seconds and some take 10 minutes. It kind of averages out I guess.
  3. I passed my exam on my second attempt. I attribute my exam failure on the first attempt to being unorganized, nervousness, and procrastination. I learned my lessons from my failure and adjusted. This is the best advice I can give to those of you who are studying for the upcoming PE exam: If you have a hard time motivating yourself to study, take a live webinar review course that forces you to attend at certain times. Get good at taking an exam. Take as many timed exams in a mock-exam environment as you can. Be set up as closely to exam day as possible - use a pencil and bubble sheet. Do not look at the material beforehand. Build your own “Quick Reference Guide” binder. I put together my own reference guide that contained material from all the outlined test material. I also had a section for conversions. Each section had a summary of formulas and hand written step by step outlines on how to do certain types of problems. Have all the specified references and flag important chapters or pages. Don’t over flag or you’ll never find what you’re looking for because there’s too many flags. If you’ve borrowed material from your colleagues, remake the flags, bookmarks, or notes in your own hand writing. It’s a lot easier to read your own handwriting when you’re under the gun. If you are taking a review course, do all the practice problems. Seriously. I took EET Structural and there’s hundreds of practice problems. I. Did. Them. All. If your review material didn’t come with or have good indexes, make your own. If the pages weren’t numbered, number them yourself. It’s hard not to be nervous when you take a big exam, especially when you want to pass and not feel like a failure in your office. Do your best not to worry what people will think about you if you fail. If you fail, you will adjust and overcome. Buy a seat cushion for your exam day chair. Seriously. You will thank me. While taking the exam, if you’re stuck on a question or find yourself endlessly flipping around looking for answers, skip it. That question will be in the back of your mind while you continue and it will probably eventually come to you. I wasted way too much of my exam time flipping around trying to find something.
  4. This is me. Congratulations. I’ve considered PhD, but like you said...if someone else pays for it. Current place of work is not going to do that.
  5. My goal was to go back to school, get my degree, pass the FE, and become a PE within 10 years. I am now done with my “10 year plan”, and as happy as I am about it, I feel like I should set a new 10 year plan. What’s next for you?
  6. Got my license number! 👍
  7. When you guys log into the pals system, is this all that’s left in your checklist to complete? Never noticed there was 2 items left in there. Does anyone know what “National Examination” is, or why it’s there?
  8. Took and passed Structural on my second attempt. Took EET AM and passed. H&H was my weakest topic based on the analysis from my first attempt. I really liked Dr. Islam’s approach to teaching. I really think he was one of the best teachers they had on the AM topics. I honestly think I could pass the Water Resources PE if he taught all the depth stuff...
  9. Thanks! Can we have some stamps as a congratulatory gift? 😁 Who am I kidding...I’m gonna buy one.
  10. Civil Structural, passed on second attempt. So happy I don’t have to spend my summer studying for October 2019...
  11. My state puts your EIT license number as “null and void” as its status after you pass the PE, so other than a memento, it’s meaningless. I wouldn’t hang it up at all. File it away with the rest of your old paperwork.
  12. Was the question on the AM you thought had multiple possible answers, a question with multiple statements given and then asking you which of those statements were true?
  13. Second time. I found the morning easier than October 2018, probably because I studied more for it and was much more organized. I did a lot of flipping around and wasting my time last time. The afternoon was “different” as someone else put it. I did far more thinking and less computations with this one. I was surprised by some of the exam content, but managed to get through the questions. I had to guess on a few questions, but overall I feel better about this one than the last. October 2018, I wasted too much time dwelling on a few questions that I was “almost there” on, this time I didn’t let those questions waste my time. I just moved on to the next one and kept going. Hope we all pass!
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