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  1. Lumber Jim

    EB.com Hunting thread..

    Be careful what you wish for... Our all knowing DNR have protected wolves in northern MN and the deer population has since gone to hell.
  2. Lumber Jim

    The Automotive Thread

    Na, that bumper wouldn't calculate per DOT.
  3. Lumber Jim

    Happy Birthday, Slacker...

    Have a great Birthday!!
  4. Lumber Jim

    Kids of EB

    What do you get for $850/ month? When we took our kids to early child development we had to pay for it and then WE had to play with the kids at various stations in the classroom for about a half an hour. When that was finished the kids had to play with each other while the parents worked on their social skills sitting on kiddie chairs in a circle talking about awkward topics like discipline and counting to three. We did this so the kids could see more than just grandmas, grandpas, and cousins.
  5. Lumber Jim

    Horse is to stable

  6. Lumber Jim

    How do you sign off your email?

    I see a lot of motivational quotes depending upon the region of the country as well. As far as it being professional, I don't see an issue when some of the companies that you cater to have a morning prayer before they start their work day. I'm not talking about churches either. I feel like this doesn't mean it should go out to everyone as a standard signature. It's an interesting topic since I'm not sure where the line is. CEOs get blasted for it but service technicians get by with it just fine...
  7. Lumber Jim

    How do you sign off your email?

    the higher you are in the organization, the shorter you signature. Someday I would like to achieve: thx, LJ
  8. Lumber Jim

    How do you sign off your email?

    Regards is incorporated into my automatic signature since I'm lazy and for Dex's reasoning. If I need to thank someone, which is often, I put it in the body of the email. Regards, Lumber Jim, P.E. Title Office # Cell # company logo (with link to Company website)
  9. Lumber Jim

    Happy Birthday DK!!!

    Hope your day is fricken Awesome!!!!
  10. Lumber Jim

    Horse is to stable

  11. Lumber Jim

    Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Baked Potato with chicken taco meat, corn, cheese and sour cream. unexpectedly delicious.
  12. Lumber Jim

    Man part of Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

    To me, it looks like another version of a tinfoil hat...
  13. Lumber Jim

    Safety Engineer

    I believe the only thing sacred is the P.E. or PE or professional engineer title. I did not research this but remember this from the ethics class that I had to take for continuing education a couple of months ago. you should probably confirm this with your state board.
  14. The PE license is not buying a meal at Perkins. You don't get a senior discount!