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  1. Good luck to you all. Hope you get the good news soon. I remembered the long wait i endured last year, around this time, for my good news.Looking back now, It was well worth the wait. When you get that "Congratulation Letter, " it won't matter much anymore how long you've waited, but that you passed. Cheers and good luck to all!
  2. 305Gurl


    Ptatohed, Got it! Thanks again for the detailed explanation for this problem. Appreciated. I somehow got the numbers jumbled up and could not find the correct answers. Now I know for sure that we can trust this new consultant we recently hired on board. Jut wanted to verified. 305, The formula for PHF is PHF = Vvph / (4 x V15 min peak) I am assuming that the spreadsheet is correct and that 7:45 to 8:45 is the peak hour (it seems like it is) We get Vvph by adding up all of the vehicle movements within that 60 minute period. This is shown as 3,455 under the Total Pk Hr Volume (I double checked and it is correct). Also, we can see by the diagram 202+11+82+17+1575+41+57+1306+34+48+5+77=3455 What isn't shown on the spreadsheet is V15. Doing some quick calcs to find V15: V8:00-8:15 = 795 V8:15-8:30 = 939 <---- Use V8:30-8:45 = 503 So, V15 min pk = 939 PHF = 3455 / (4 x 939) = 0.9199
  3. 305Gurl


    I have a project that I am working on. I was given the counts for a particular intersection, but for the life of me I cannot determine how the PHF of 0.92 was determined. I know it is the Peak hour volume/ Peak 15min vol. The most I got was 0.88 found by the following calculation: The peak hour volume is found between the hour of 7:45 am and 8: 45 am in the westbound direction. This total volume of 1633 is the peak hour volume. This is the sum of the left, through and right turns between 7:45 and 8:45 am, and is the highest 4 intervals of 15 minutes volume. Then PHF = 1633/ (4 * 465)= 0.88. This 465 was found from the highest 15 minute within the peak hour volume (14+444+7). Could some please tell me what I have done incorrect of was the PHF provided to me incorrect. See counts attached for the intersection. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Ion_Exchange: Believe me, I feel your pain as I have been there before.....heck three times to be exact...ouch! I tell you this without studying the material, it's almost impossible to pass, which I think you already know. You just have to give up your life, basically, and find a quiet place---- like closet or a basement or underground bunker----- and hibernate for the duration of your studies. You will then come out every now and then for only food, work or water, then back into that dark lonely space. Seriously, you have to train yourself, little by little, and dedicate the time and effort into studying and doing practice problems and exams over and over and over again, without watching TV shows or hanging out with friends anymore---- until after the test. This is the only way to get a passing grade, at least in my case. You will noticed that after a few days/week of doing working problems, your brain will start adapting to this new lifestyle of living; that how the brains works. In a few months the exam will be over and then comes you life back, the way you liked it. Believe me, the small sacrifice that you're are making now is nothing compared to the rest of your life not having to hibernate and study anymore. Good luck
  5. Yeah, I like the certificate; bigger than my MS degree. I assume the wallet size card is to prove quickly that you are indeed a Professional Engineer in Florida. Like on the job site, etc.
  6. My coworker took the WR exam and passed on his second try. He used the two books below to answer the environmental-- WWT, WQ and WT problems, which he swears is what pushed him over the edge. I couldn't imagine answering those waste Water problems, but good luck. I tried the first timw to pass WR and failed. Next tried Transpo and passed after a 2nd attempt (3 Water and Waste Water Calculations Manual by Shun Dar Lin Foundation of Environmental Engineering by Cooper, Dietz and Reinhart.
  7. Correction, I just checked my from door and the "Big" white envelope was right in front of my door. It was definitely way too big (17" X 11") to hold in my mailbox. I'm official now--Nothing more to wait for now as I received my seal last weekend too. Happy Dance
  8. bryantucfPE, Thanks for this pieceof information. I wasn't sure if the FBPE had mailed out the certificates and licenses out yet. I will look out for the mailman tomorrow.
  9. I personally used http://www.eitexam.com/ and pass on my second attempt. It was very cheap too. I was only 5 years out of school when I passed, if that means anything. And yes, you're right, Florida is one of the hardest States (not counting California b/c Seismic and Survey) to get Reciprocity. I personally know people who had PHDs, but did not have or pass FE and got turned down for reciprocity. here in Florida. I believe that you need at least 3 years of teaching engineering at a University to even get a waiver on the FE. Anyway Good luck!
  10. 305Gurl Passed PE - Civil (Transportation) Florida
  11. I was told that the new style will be mailed out again , but people can request the old style. I guess after people start complaining again the older style will be mailed out :beat: . The person to make the request with is Mr. Levin w/ FBPE, but maybe we have to wait until the newer cheaper wall certificates are mailed and received.
  12. That is terrible, but so true. I feel bad for people in those states still waiting. Must be very very hard for those people to know that scores have been released, but their respective boards still pondering with their results. I am wondering if those states can lower or increase the passing scores in their respective states and not go along with NCEES recommendation. Still scratching my head. Thank God I'm in sunny Florida where our boards don't have time to waste and is fairly civilized.
  13. I was notified today by the Board that the wall certificates and the PE Licenses will be mailed out early next week. Post when you start getting them and your general location. Multiple post from people in the same location (county/city in this case) is not necessary. Thanks!
  14. 305Gurl

    Florida Results

    Yes, I saw my license number too--now I really believed that I passed the exam. It look like NCEES and FBPE is on a roll this year (based on previous emails I read on this board). Very efficient, I would say for this past PE passers. Maybe they might have mailed out those wall certificate too, as you stated.
  15. ptatohed. I just wanted to stop and give my sincerest gratitude to you for provide assistance to the problems I posted. Ptatohed, you go beyond and above to help out with your hand written notes of solution you posted on this board. The questions I posted on this board and the timely responses helps me to stay focused and it paid off with the sweet "Congratulation Letter". To everyone else too who helped, sincerest thank you. Hopefully I will be able to chime in whenever I see a problem posted by a future test taker, that I have worked before or know how to solve. This website is invaluable to the engineering profession. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!!!
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