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  1. @wannacape, I took my test last week. was able to finish it within 3 hours. Calculations were pretty straight forward. i felt it was too wordy with questions, not sure if questions were from any manuals or pure general knowledge. Some questions had possible 2 correct answers which you could argue either ways with limited information. ya well, will find out in a month's time if I passed. Good luck to you.
  2. anyone taking PTOE in June? For people already took PTOE, do we have to take the formula sheet or does the center provide one?
  3. Were you able to get hold of a copy of Reza's workbook?

  4. Does anyone have Reza Mahallat's surveying workbook?
  5. Do you have Reza's material? If so, I will be interested.


  6. Please use the classifieds
  7. Hello everyone, I have Dr Shahin Mansour's Surveying DVD Set for Sale. (10 DVDs) Its in the mint condition, have only listened to the DVDs once. Asking Price - $230 Please PM me to buy this. Paypal only, will ship via USPS. thanks,
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