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  1. Why is it considered unethical? I am sure there are so many organizations which are doing projects around the world helping poor nations etc. I am sure those organizations would like to have an Engineer be part of them for advice and suggestions. Even though you might not be doing the calcs, design or stamping but still being an engineer you can guide them in project management and decision making. A simple example can be: Habitat for Humanity ( They build houses with help of volunteers) Volunteers help with siding, painting, roofing and you name it. Would not they be interested to have an engineer to just be on-board to lead a team of volunteers during construction? Why would it be unethical?
  2. So to conclude, it would be a wise idea to put your name as follows on Business card. JohnXYZ, PE (Texas) But, I do not see lot of experience professionals putting the licensing state behind your name in business card?
  3. Hi I am curious what are the board rules for business cards and email signatures. Do you just put PE behind your name or do you need to mention list of states where you are license to cover yourself. I suppose same rule would apply to Email signatures. Whats Texas board rules?
  4. Hi, I am looking to participate and planning to volunteer (Couple of hrs per week or something). I am located in Houston, TX Any suggestions? Good organizations recommendations? And have you volunteered and how was your experience. Thanks
  5. Search your name on the Board PE Roster, You will see your PE number. I can see mine...
  6. Another fee again for license number? i thought it was part of the exam & application fee. Where does the board spend all the dollars they make from people giving the exams and from retakes? They give no free books, no free seals? no free codes? not a free meal on exam day either......Damn...
  7. Did you get email from Texas board with further instructions? I do not see one yet... May be its on its way ...
  8. Texas- I pass! 77. cant beleive it. Had to print out the page to double check... Yup..... So happy. congrats to all.
  9. Oops....Let me clarify.... I meant to say that I had shortlisted 10-15 topics and studied them very hard thinking that I will get questions from those topics.... The thing was yes the questions did came but ended up with subjective rather than problems or something I was not expecting,,... Cannot give details....Remember the NCEES agreement
  10. i would like to know what other members thought about AM & PM (Construction) for the Oct 2014 exam.... I had studied lot of specific questions (10-15), thinking I will get couple of those type of questions, but to my astonishment none of those type questions showed up....
  11. Proctor too might have obsession with Ncees pencils,...... GIVE ME THE PENCIL>>>>
  12. No restrictions on books... Bring a Novel...just in case you get bored....
  13. in the grand scheme, practically it would be negligible effect....
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