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  1. Hah! Back in college (~2005), Ned Mohan was the professor for my Electric Drives class. Small freakin' world. Dude wasn't that great of a teacher.
  2. Not me, I only have one (MN). But my boss has 43, not including Guam, Saskatchewan and Alberta. When he applied for Wyoming, they essentially replied with "Why would you want one for here?". He has a big drawer full of nothing but PE stamps. It's a pain in the ass when I have go through it trying to find a particular state.
  3. Condolences. You must be a Redditor. Source: is a Redditor. Geez, that website is getting popular. I've probably talked/argued with one of you on that site... Anyways, for my input: I work at a consulting firm, so getting the PE was a big deal and was basically required to obtain. I immediately got a $2000 spot bonus and was promised a promotion + 8% raise for my end-of-year performance review. Not too shabby, I think.
  4. Graduated with BSEE in May 2007 Passed FE first try October 2006 Passed PE first try April 2012 So it was about 4.5 year out of school for me.
  5. Just want to let any Minnesota PE's know about something I recently learned. I ordered my PE stamp from as many have suggested on this site. However, the stamp I received does not meet the requirements of MN's board. The stamp has to have specific verbiage. Look at this: The stamp I got was a simple circular one with my name and license number. When I asked them about this, they were very polite and responsive and supposedly they have already shipped me a replacement free of charge.
  6. Has anyone considered the licensing cycle expiration date? My letter says the current license will expire June 30, 2012. Are you guys just going to wait until July to send in your check and license application?
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