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  1. Anybody can do a search and find countless topics on the construction issue. I've been in Civil construction for over a decade and also run a part time excavation business, I have plenty of construction experience in every facet imaginable (dirt, buildings, bridges, etc.). Take it as you will, but you'll find after you take it a few times that it's a wild card, I saw questions I can't even imagine were even on a PE exam. I can't tell you how many people i've talked to who have tried construction, failed, and switched to trans and passed it the first time. Four co-workers/friends all took construction (several times) and all wish they had just taken trans. I found the best thing to do is study the things that are easy like scheduling, estimating, OSHA etc...., questions you know will be on it and are will be the questions you can't study for that will take you down. Just a recommendation. Had I not spent so much on my books, I would have switched to trans and passed sooner.
  2. All-in-one Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams by Indranil Goswami (2012) edition, bascially brand new, i never wrote in it. $30.00 shipped. Civil Engineering License Reivew 14th edition by Donal G. Newnan. Book is from the late 90s, I bought it just for something else to read and review with. I never wrote in it, the previous owner did have pencil marks which were actually helpful for me. $18.00 shipped (I know i paid far more than that for it two years ago). PPI Practice Problems for Civil Engineering PE Exam 11th edition by Michael Lindeburg. Basically brand new, looks new, only marks are in the Construction OSHA section. This book has over 700 practice problems. $45.00 shipped. PPI Construction Depth Reference Manual by Thomas Korman. Just recently released, I bought it last Februrary when it came out. No marks that I can find, back cover corner has a fold on it from being in the box during the exam. $95.00 shipped (I paid over $130 and looking they are still over $120 new). PPI Quick Reference for Civil Engineering PE Exam 5th edition by Michael Lindeburg. No marks in it, bascially brand new. $50.00 shiipped. NCEES Civil Transportation Exam, had a few pencil marks in it that were erased. $30.00 shipped. I bought as I was thinking about taking trans, never did so here it is. PPE Civil PE Sample Examination 2nd edition, has pencil marks in it from where I worked out problems. This was $80 new so i'm thinking $30 shipped due to pencil marks. Civil PE Construction Module Practice Problems by Ruwan Rajapakse. I can't find any marks in it. $30.00 shipped. Civil PE Construction Module 3rd eidtion by Ruwan Rajapakse. I can't find any marks in it. $30.00 shipped. My email is, i'll try to check back too. I'm willing to take offers and package deals if people are interested. i think I spent over 2k in books, I just need to get rid of most of them now.
  3. I finally passed mine and I had to take it many times. If i can make one recommendation to those looking to take the PE, DO NOT TAKE CONSTRUCTION. Take Trans or something else. Construction is a total wild card, I never broke 25 right in the afternoon; i'm pretty sure that i did very well in the morning this time too, the afternoon construction was brutal. I used and bought every construction book I could get my hands on, there were times too that I had no idea and there wasn't an answer in any book. My co-workers who took and passed construction would tell you the same exact thing too.
  4. Last October I didn't get my result until December 21st. I'm waiting until next week.
  5. I've taken the PE a few times now - actually more than I care to admit. This past October was very difficult, far more difficult than the previous April. I know nobody will agree with me, but the October exam has always always been far more difficult than the April (I always said that about the FE as well). Everybody always says that it isn't the case, but it is...period. I took the Civil/Construction, against my better judgement I guess, the construction exam has always been a totally crazy exam without anytype of "normal" question. It was very difficult, there were at least 8 or so questions I had to really buckle down on and "try" to get. Nothing on this exam was even similar to the previous ones.
  6. When i've taken it the attendance has been just the opposite. Far more people in April than in October.
  7. I like your answers, i'll try again in October, I can only hope you're correct.
  8. History I guess, when i failed it in April and took it in October there was a night and day difference. The October exam was awful, the couple guys i took it with all said the same exact thing. The way I understood it was they wanted a common pass rate, typically low 60's, this time it was 70%, a red flag to me that says we need to make it harder this exam was far to easy.
  9. So, because the Civil passing was so high this time i'll assume October is going to be much more difficult - again. Thoughts?
  10. After taking the construction three times I honestly have yet to see an exam very similar, if at all similar, to the NCEES practice one. I really feel I have a substantial amount of construction experience, including everything from bridges to retaining walls, lately i've been doing a ton of buildings. A co-worker passed his construction and has zero experence - the real reason why I took. I thought if he could pass it than hell i should be able too. There have been serveral questions that could not be answered with any of the books recommended, this was what really drove me nuts about the exam. I've ordered the NCEES practice exam for the transportation. I guess i'll look through that and see what i think. I really hate the thought of relearning another topic, but also hate the fact that I can't do any better in something that i've got 100s of hours into, then I think exactly what Dexman said, I know what to expect - sorta. Every exam has been different, and operations and methods blows me out of the water every time.
  11. Thanks, that's the perfect response. I feel as if I own every single construction book - have read them all cover to cover - and nothing contained in any of them I feel is learnable (if that makes sense). You having a very similar experience to me makes it feel more like the right idea. Any books you can recommend that work really well for studying the non curve questions? That's my biggest fear is not being able to learn the stuff that isn't curve or sight distance related (traffic analysis, etc.), it's been more than 7 years now since I graduated.
  12. I've taken this dam test three times now, all three taking the construction. I cannot break the 24 questions right in the afternoon. This past time i figure I missed it by one point or so. I try to study the afternoon construction using the Ruwan books - which are horrible - and struggle with the non quantitative questions. I am thinking about going with trans now instead. My discipline in college was Civil with an emphasis in transportation, I work mostly doing project management now though. Problem being I'll have to buy another $500+ in books and relearn the afternoon. Am i better off doing this or trying to struggle through construction again? I see they make a 6-min solutions construction book now. My scores are decent because of the morning, not the afternoon. My morning construction has always been the lowest (all three times). Somebody please give me some advice. At this point I am humiliated. My co-worker has taken it with me three times and he never studied once - he just passed, I am beyond embarrassed and humiliated at this point.
  13. 53/80 this is my third time. I wish I had never gone with construction, should have gone with transportation like I originally wanted. I will say, I personally believe construction is one of the most difficult, very few questions are quantitative. After three times each test has been totally different and every time there are two or three questions that cannot be answered with the books you have - ones they recommend. The questions aren't even experience based, the typical answer (i'm assuming) is typically not what you would do in the real world, I try to force myself to think the way the test wants you to think and not the way you would think in the real world, that's the best way to describe it. I'm debating on cutting my loses and just going to trans.
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