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  1. I work in consulting now but I worked at a mechanical contracting company before. The job at the mechanical contracting company included having me work in the feild for a year. Pretty rough but I now have experience most consultants don't have. Now as a consulting engineer in South Dakota we have to do everything that comes through the door so I can go from a hotel, to a lab, to an office building. Pros: Stable job, challenging work, plenty of opprotunities to get out of the office Cons: work is cyclical with weather, drop in economy has dropped amount of work.
  2. Yes, I meant economic questions. Must have had a brain fart moment They seemed harder than what was in the MERM. We never really had any of the economics other than a quick passing mention in school so it was hard for me.
  3. I second this! If you don't know it now only two days before the test you are not going to know it Friday. Get some good sleep, clear your mind, do something you enjoy since you probably haven't done it for month because of studying. You will do fine on the test.
  4. ikesdsu and past PE exam takers, Did any question(s) or more specifically topic(s) throw you off or caught you off guard on the actual test as compared to the NCEES HVAC practice exam and 6 Min Solution problems? Thanks Funny as it is, the money sections are the parts that caught me the most off guard. They turned out to be much harder than I thought. Also when I took the test there were more manufacturing questions than I expected but since I had a three year internship while in school in a factory that did both machining and welding I was fine but if I hadn't gotten that experience before the test I could see how it would have been a problem.
  5. Hee hee, you couldn't help but post something about the cut score??
  6. What topics in the afternoon gave you trouble? Maybe brush up on those. I took the HVAC and refrigeration section and passed the second time so I might not be able to give you really specific tips. I am a very strong supporter of taking the last two or three days off to relax your mind. You don't want to go into this thing any more stressed than you have to be.
  7. Remember it is always good to take the last couple of days off to rest your mind.
  8. I second all the books above. I would maybe include the Lindberg 500 worked problems and the 6 min solutions so if you get stuck it might be able to give your brain a jumpstart.
  9. I am afraid you are going to get people recommending both but I would recommend the 6 MS problems. I found that they are the closest to the actual test questions. The MERM questions are good but they are much harder and more detailed than the ones on the test.
  10. I agree with you Lomarandil But Spsukenyon if you think it will work then I guess I would say go for it. It will cost you precious time and may cause you to fail but you could try it. Also I don't think I have ever heard someone brag that their passing grade was higher than another persons. I wouldn't do it for that reason either. You have a great resource here that isn't usually available, hundreds of Engineers that have passed the test, and many that had to take the test multiple times to pass (like myself). Many have posted what they have had to do to pass, and probably 99% of the time it was just work as many problems as you can. I have never seen someone on here say I made sure I had the same number of letters and passed. This test can't be beaten by using tricks or logic, it just requires hard work. But that is just my opinion, if you think it will work go for it and let us know how you do.
  11. Believe me, as someone who took the test twice, you don't want to endanger your chance of passing the test on a equal distribution guessing.
  12. You are kind of right The problems in the Lindeburg book are harder and more lengthy than on the test but you still need to do all the steps required to get the final answer but they will give you more information at the start than in the Lindeburg book.
  13. I believe you have to use gas tables when it is superheated. But it is just a guess. I don't have my books anymore.
  14. I would be careful with the fundamentals book. After the 2001 version all the weather data and some of the R-factors and some of the equipment typical loads were taken out of the book and only put on the included CD. You won't have a computer available so the book might not be helpful.
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