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  1. Its been two and a half months since receiving my PE results and I am now at a new firm with a 27% raise. The PE is not meaningless!!!!
  2. Here are some hard facts for anyone looking. Can't dispute the source either. http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes172051.htm
  3. That doesn't look good...
  4. Take them from your coworkers' Machines. How do I get out of work early today?
  5. Quit your job and go everyday... How do I get the woman to stop fussin?
  6. Studying for the PE Coworker is leaving for another region... Should I do anything special?
  7. As far as I know, we don't have those down here NJ. We are still waiting for the scores to be posted though. I think after that happens, they issue us License numbers based off of our initial application.
  8. I started studying the first week of June. I probably spent around 350 hours sitting in front of books (although I would probably only count 3/4 of that time).
  9. Stealth, I'm trying to give you some solid advice. It's a trap (intentional or not)... Don't fall for it. They must have "sampled" an easier Water Resources & Environmental Exam than the one my comrades and I took down here in FL. Say I'm crazy, call me a Conspiracy Theorist, belittle me... I don't care. Stealth, you should trust my words.
  10. Wow - you really think they're that devious? A non-profit wants you to fail so they can make more money? If that were the case, why don't they produce more sample exams? They could probably sell as many as they could make? Their practice exam is way easier than the test, the FE was the same. It seems a little more than coincidental to me. Don't trust it Stealth.
  11. Stealth - The NCEES Exams are way easier than the PE, in my opinion. Don't trust the people who make a profit if you have to retake the exam. Also, you need some good wastewater and environmental references. Did you bring a dictionary with you last time? I put in about 350 hours of practice problems. I did the Six-minute Solutions for water resources twice, the NCEES book twice and then did some practice exams. I went through everyproblem and made sure I knew everything about it before I would move on to the next. I had a stack of references that came up to my hip. Each book was tabbed with a subject and page number on the tab and I created an index that told me where everything was, in which book, on what page, etc.... If I had to go to reference tables I included that information in my index so if I looked up sluice gate it told me that it was in my fluids book on pg 253 and that I was going to need the density of water at elevation which could be found in the Typical Props of Water Table which is in my Water Treatment book in Appendix A-58 (I just made that example up). I know that saved me a bunch of time.
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