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  1. The Running Thread

    I'm late to this thread, but I'm a runner. Last fall into this past spring, I actually did a program in my community where I ran all 162 miles of city owned roads. I'm the Public Works Director for my town, so that's why I did that. But I was just out running one day and noticed some catch basins that needed some work, so I snapped a picture and sent it to my streets division superintendent. I then started thinking, hey, why not do this all over town? It launched a pretty cool thing that the community really supported and enjoyed reading about on the Public Works facebook page. Anyway, yesterday, I ran 5.5 miles. I usually run three to four times per week, between 4 and 6 miles at a time. I love it. I don't really do races, I have, but I'm not avid into them. I'm also an Army reservist, so I have to stay in shape for my part time job.
  2. No, the test is not the same day as the PE. The CT State specific surveying exam is this coming Friday. I think the PE is next week.
  3. Alright, I've been studying. I feel like I will be okay on it this time.
  4. Flat Earthers

    I'm only kidding. I have no problem with the thread. My attempt at humor was to poke fun at the subject of the conspiracy theory.
  5. Flat Earthers

    What in the fuck did I just read?! Did I really just now spend 20 minutes reading a thread about flat earth conspiracy theorists? Yes, yes I did. Why? I. Don't. Know. Okay, time to go pour acid in my nostrils. It will serve about the same purpose.
  6. No, not really, but I've got two months.
  7. Okay, all registered. It is still all on the same day, October 20th, but at least they give you several options for time windows. I chose the 1 PM session.
  8. Apparently, CT has transitioned this exam over to a testing center (Computer Based). I got the notification yesterday that I can schedule my exam. Reading through the documentation, it looks like you get scores immediately. Thank god, finally. So, I guess I will register for this then.
  9. Sorry, @Larry. I've been a bit tied up. I am planning on taking this stupid exam again this fall. I will get licensed as a surveyor yet. If you have any study materials you could pass my way, I'd greatly appreciate it. But seriously, it was hard, wasn't it!
  10. The "spam till CT JP exam is released" thread

    That was the last timeI took it, April 2016. I'm going to do it again, but I've been busy.
  11. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    Get to 15k first before we start wondering about 20k
  12. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    Ok folks. Goodnight.
  13. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    And I'm free.... free falling
  14. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
  15. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    Hangin' round downtownBy myselfAnd I had so much timeTo sit and thinkAbout myselfAnd then there she wasLike double cherry pieYeah there she wasLike disco superflyI smell sex andCandy hereWho's that loungingIn my chairWho's that castingDevious staresIn my directionMama this surely Is a dreamHangin' 'round downtown by myselfAnd I had too Much caffeineAnd I was thinkin' 'bout myselfAnd then there she wasIn platform double suedeYeah there she wasLike disco lemonadeI smell sex and Candy hereWho's that lounging In my chairWho's that castingDevious staresIn my directionMama this surely Is a dreamMama this surely Is a dreamYeah mama this must Be my dream