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  1. Anywho. I'm an old geezer now. Haven't been around in a while. Life just got too busy.
  2. Oh I remember the first 5k. In those days it was only a 5k. Then within a few iterations it became a 10k. Then we had the VTEnviro memorial 22k, because that is what we got to by the time results were released. But you see, in those days, results S took like fucking 3 months. Or at least 9-10 weeks
  3. Ameteurs. You'll never get to 15k at this pace. Jeez.
  4. See, I still had to start it myself! But yeah,I haven't been around much, I know.
  5. Banned for using the word hipster in the same sentence as cool
  6. I haven't watched since the season premier. I'm done. That brain bashing was ridiculous. But, besides that, I've been losing interest in the show for quite some time. It's just not what it started out being. I actually like the zombies to be scary and the real monster. If I wanted to watch people versus people, I'd watch any of the other shows out there. I want to see people versus zombies. But whatever, I know that I'm the only one who matters for ratings.
  7. Hell we may elect President Camacho this year.
  8. When they shot War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise, they used a bunch of humvees and stuff from the Virginia Army National Guard. They also wanted soldiers to drive them, so that scene where all of the military equipment is rolling out to go fight the aliens, that's all Virginia Guard soldiers and equipment. There were about ten of them from my unit in there, ten trucks, and a handful of drivers from my unit (can't remember how many). I was not in it, but I did authorize the use of the equipment as the commander that those humvees came from.
  9. Yes, it does. It was sad because for the past four years, we've had to make an annual summertime trip down to Virginia, bring all our rakes, and tools, and vacuums, and whatever else, go down, not stay in our own home because either A) there was somebody still living there, or B) there were no beds or other furnishings there so we'd have had to sleep on the floor, and clean, fix, run to home depot and buy a bunch of stuff to make the house ready to put back on the market to hopefully get a good tenant. This last time around, we didn't get a tenant at all. Ugh. What a fucking headache. Anyway, all that I won't miss. But I do have many fond memories of that house.
  10. Unfortunately, I took a loss, but whatevs. It's not my fault the housing market collapsed and the economy never fully recovered.
  11. BB Guns are allowed in cub scouts, but I thought it was only for Webelos. Archery isn't something my cubs ever did. I was a Cubmaster for 2 years. Tomahawk throwing sounds a bit scary. Yeah, the biggest concern usually with cub scouts is the fire. They are attracted to it like flies to a picnic and I swear they'd jump in it if they were allowed to.
  12. So, as of this past Friday at approximately 2:30 PM, I sold my house in Virginia!!! I can not begin to express how relieved I am... but also how sad I am that it is now not part of my life. My wife and I bought it in 2004 when she was pregnant with our oldest. We poured our souls into that house. It was a great home. But then it was time to move on and it became a rental property. We rented it for 3 out of 4 years that we didn't live there, and repaired a bunch of damage in the process, dealt with a flea infestation. Bottom line, it sucked being landlords, and it was even worse being out of state landlords. At the end of the day, I lost a shit ton of money over the life of that home, but it was a good home and it served it's purpose. As my wife said last night, we'll keep the photos and memories and lose the mortgage and maintenance, so in the end we win.
  13. "As the father of three, I still feel two is the perfect number." - Road Guy, circa 2011.
  14. I'm not sure I'd call living in Alaska "the real world". I mean, isn't it like -20 degrees there year round? I know, I know, it's a dry cold.
  15. Let me ask her, I'll get back to you.
  16. I went full bald while I was in Kuwait, but the wife saw the picture I put on Facebook and got pissed, so now it just looks thin and middle aged.
  17. It happens to all of us. First it's a whisker on your chin that you try to convince yourself is just blonde, not gray or silver. Then, it's the increased waist size, dammit, these jeans fit fifteen years ago, why can't I still fit in a size 34 waist, I haven't put on that much weight, have I? Next thing you know your fasting for your over 40 physical that the Army makes you take (even though you're only 39, go figure). So, what tips, techniques, advice do you have to pass on to younger folks about aging. I'm seeing more wrinkles and grays than I ever thought I'd see on myself. I'm balding, pretty significantly now, and I am going to be turning 40 in 3 months. Any advice on how to do this shit gracefully?
  18. Well, it certainly does call into question my scores from the past three administrations, and I asked if they had those, but they said no. Unfortunately, I have to just move forward from here. Though, when I took the exam in April 2015, I actually wrote to the board representative at that time and said I really couldn't believe my scores. I had actually requested a regrade, and they were going to do it, but I backed down and said forget it, I would just try again. Now, I wish I had gone through the regrade a year ago, because I bet it would have uncovered these problems earlier and by now, I would have passed the exam I think.
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