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  1. Thanks RG and Bly. It's good to be back.
  2. Mudpuppy, no we didn't plan it, but I'm really hoping he comes on his due date because that would be really cool I think.
  3. Minisap 1 turns 9 in a few days and in his own words will be a rockstar geologist electrical engineer architect and have a sidejob as a lifeguard. Minisap 2 turns 2 in a couple months and in her own words.... ball.... moon.... achoo (because aparently she thinks that is talking when people sneeze)... and princess (whenever Sofia the First comes on TV) Minisap 3 is due on Christmas Day this year
  4. Engines thumping and pumping in time

    1. engineergurl


      I just figured out where I've heard this

    2. Sapper PE LS

      Sapper PE LS

      Wow, EG, I'd say you really went the distance on figuring this quote out!

  5. No, it wasn't really grand. I meant to leave quietly and get rid of my posts on the way out, but in the process when I thought I was deleting my own posts, I actually ended up deleting all threads started by me including all the posts that others had made in those threads. I just didn't realize that it would delete other peoples posts as well as my own. My reasons for leaving were personal, but I didn't mean to screw it up so badly when I did it.
  6. well fraz, I don't expect to be welcomed back with open arms, or welcomed back at all by some folks. But thanks for welcoming me back.
  7. DK, it is really me. Mary, thanks we are doing well.
  8. Because I was an ass and deleted everybody's hard work, and because it's the end of summer, and because studying is starting for those who need to start studying and will need a break. Original game rules, Post at least three characters, spaces don't count, don't post consecutively, so there must be another members posts between any two of yours. Top of page wins, 10 thousandth poster wins. Prizes will be something tangible and worth less than 10 bucks.
  9. Sorry I deleted a bunch of posts when I left a few months back. I didn't realize I did that, I thought I was just deleting my posts, not posts that others had made. Anyway, I'm back. I needed a break, I was going through something of a midlife crisis.
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