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  1. Scary Dog, The PA Code 37.58 says: (d) A registrant may use a rubber stamp or computer image which is a facsimile of the seal, if the registrant first obtains a seal in accordance with this section. I ordered both. That being said, some of my coworkers that have been PEs for years have never had an embossing seal and have never been asked to produce one. As for middle name vs initial. All of my coworkers only use their middle initial in theirs. As that is how I usually sign my name (and write my name for legal documents) I only used my middle initial as well.
  2. I got 2 envelopes yesterday. One was the certificate with a seal on it proclaiming that I am a Professional Engineer. It also had a sheet of paper with it showing what your seal should look like. The other envelope was the official license with expiration date. It had both the pocket card and the larger (5x7? i didn't measure it and don't have it with me). This also has your registration code on it which will be necessary for renewing in september as well as for any name or address changes. Don't forget to sign these ones to make them active!
  3. butch81385 Passed PE-Architectural Pennsylvania
  4. Updated Bracket: http://betterbracketmaker.com/#!/9b8c5c568ca15
  5. I did... mostly because I couldn't keep it to myself... I figure I now have a searchable PE license number that is listed as active. If that doesn't make me a PE, I dunno what would!
  6. I noticed that. I know renewal is in September of every odd numbered year. I guess if you pass the october exam of an odd numbered year you get 1.5 years for free before having to renew? According to a coworker, they believe that you are exempt from CEU's (and possibly renewal fee) for the first year. We should find out more with the actual letter though.
  7. I noticed that. I know renewal is in September of every odd numbered year. I guess if you pass the october exam of an odd numbered year you get 1.5 years for free before having to renew?
  8. Hopefully not! Last name starts with Bu here, and i took the Architectural Engineering PE, so maybe they are also doing it per discipline? Who knows.
  9. I haven't gotten any email (and it's not posted on NCEES or PCS yet), but on the license verification website I have 2 entries: EIT and PE with a PE license number active as of today. Someone else said they were updating in alphabetical order and were around letter D.
  10. Thanks! So glad I don't have to do that again!
  11. PA has started uploading their results to the license verification page... I now have a PE license number active as of today!
  12. And PA is dropped out of the tournament early! What an upset (not for those that passed! Like me!)
  13. Woo! Passed the Architectural Engineering PE!
  14. In some shocking news MD may be waiting till next week! According to insider sources (the PCS thread) MD is having trouble uploading information. They said the mail delivery date is unknown and may be sooner than the online result, but the check back on the online result on Monday!! If their mail result doesn't sneak up on them, they could out last the pre-tournament favorite: PA. What an exciting tournament we have on our hands this year!
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