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  1. Sorry I didn't reply in time. Hope it went well!
  2. I had a dream like that shortly after my PE exam. I passed, for what it's worth:P.
  3. So I'm about a month into the MBA program. It's certainly a change of pace from engineering. How are you guys doing?
  4. This isn't really accurate. There are lots of things for which a chemical engineer may need a PE license. One big one is consulting. In my state it is illegal to practice engineering without a license, so until you are a licensed PE you can't consult on your own. If you were to design a water treatment plant or an energy facility for the state, you'd need a license. I recently got a request to do some design and consulting around a new brewery. The state required that a PE had to be in responsible charge of and seal the designs. I turned it down due to lack of time, but it would have been a cool project. One of the beautiful things about chemical engineering is how broad the skill sets of chemical engineers are. Licensure allows you to put those competencies to work in an official capacity. As a result, your market value is increased.
  5. Anyone in NC get their wall certificate yet?
  6. Just an update. I decided the MBA is the best choice for me at this time. Nothing to say I won't delve into more engineering in the future. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Thanks for all the helpful advice.
  7. Not yet, I got a packet with the license info and pocket card but not the certificate. You?
  8. Thanks for the advice guys. I guess a year or so ago I decided on the MBA route for three reasons: 1. That the technical path would be covered by the PE like you suggested cupojoe. After all, it doesn't get much more "official" than PE, right? 2. That the MBA would differentiate me "big picture" wise more than an MS, similar again to your comment cupojoe. 3. That the MBA, at least if I do it locally, would be in person. I could make connections with other mostly young, up and coming professionals in the area. My area isn't exactly filled with easy opportunities to network like that. I'd prefer engineers, but meeting some others would be cool too. The thing is that I don't feel a passion for business, while I am passionate about engineering. Maybe that's playing into what you were saying, knight, regarding seeing how the classes are applied. That's why a MS seems so much more appealing to me on a fundamental level. But, my end goal being to lead a group of engineers and the MS programs being all online... Perhaps the live MBA is better. They actually offer a focus in project management so was thinking that would be the way to go with that program. To your comment Ramnares, I actually really like the combined MBA/MS programs, but there's nothing local. If I lived in the same area that I went to college in I'd jump on that option in a minute, it would be perfect, but I don't. Even if I did do that remotely, and/or travel, the out of state tuition is hefty and I think it would be a hard sell to human resources to foot 75% of the bill. At this stage in the game financial payback is a big consideration as opposed to undergrad. For the GMAT, I saw that it's offered on an upcoming Friday... I was considering winging it. After the PE it seems less intimidating. I guess the GRE would be more intense, but I haven't really read up on it that much.
  9. I've been going back and forth on this for 1.5 years, telling myself I would move forward once I got the PE out of the way. So, it's now out of the way and I still am struggling with this: MS in engineering (or ME) or MBA Ultimately I'd like to lead a group of engineers whether in my current organization, a different one, or perhaps my own consulting group. One factor is that I can do an MBA locally and hence interact with and network with other students in person. For graduate school in engineering I would have to do an online program unless I want to quit my job and move (not really the best option right now, although the thought of going back to school full time and earning a PhD is pretty appealing at times). Online programs, are, well... Online. I know the quality is excellent but you don't get the person to person interaction that you do in a classroom. I'd still need to do the GRE/GMAT or both :/ Thoughts on what would be ultimately more valuable?
  10. Don't know about mine. Renewal is only $75/yr so I'm sure they won't mind. On a different note I just got stamp and seal, and am feeling like quite the professional.
  11. I'm a chemical PE also that just took and past the most recent exam (congrats guys). Wondering the same thing as you. I work in industry so we don't stamp many designs. A colleague of mine who is a PE of many years said "you'd be surprised when situations pop up for which you'll need to seal something." I guess we'll see.
  12. I was surprised that there were only 160 new license numbers. It seemed like there were a whole lot more people in the exam room and assuming a 60-70% pass rate...
  13. Hey guys, if you're on LinkedIn, how do you put your PE into your profile? I added mine in the following format: John Doe, PE So, on the profile it now just shows up as "John Doe, PE" for my name. Has anyone done this, do you put the PE elsewhere, or do you leave it off? Any issues that you can think of having it on your profile like that?
  14. It may just take more time and experience. If you have an opportunity to do some design/development work I'd take it. The exam is not only principles, but practice, so they'll throw stuff at you that you have to answer based on your engineering judgment alone, unless you have lots of time to search references. And, even then it's a crapshoot as to whether or not you'll find the needed information. I'd be glad to help on any sticking points when you start studying again. I'm sure you'll pass next time.
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