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  1. @Chief Engineer, @ The Bear Baron, @ Project Manager Questions and answers are correctly worded; For axially loaded member, displacement = PL/ AE or, P = (displacement) x (AE)/L from the above relation; the force required to produce unit displacement = AE/L Axial stiffness is defined as AE/L therefore the question for stiffness is correctly worded
  2. Civil Engineering Calculator with many useful tools for analysis and design is available at This free all-in-one package is including Bending moment, shear force, slope & deflection, moment of inertia, Moment distribution, fixed beam, continuous beam, overhanging beam, reinforced concrete beam etc.
  3. Solved example on Moment distribution method for indeterminate frame is available at I hope it will help the students of civil engineering
  4. This solved example explains how to calculate the strength of doubly Reinofrced Concrete beamas per the guidelines of ACI-318
  5. Solved example on calculating the strength of reinforced concrete beam is available at
  6. Please visit for job opportunities for Engineers in different engineering disciplines.
  7. Moment Distribution Calculator for solving indeterminate beams is now available at
  8. For Quiz on structural analysis and design please visit and
  9. Excellent Fixed Beam calculator for bending moment and shear force is available at
  10. Free Online defelction and slope calculator for beam is available at
  11. Another very useful civil engineering website for students is
  12. Free Online reinforced concrete calculator is available at
  13. Excellent online calculator for moment of inertia is available at
  14. Overhanging beam calculator is now available at />http://​​ohbcalc.htm Free online calculator for bending moment and shear force at any section of overhanging beam.
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