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  1. ee1234


    I passed! PE Power
  2. I decided today I'm not going to look at this forum again until after I have my results from NCEES. I don't care if I get my results a few hours, or even a few days, after you all. I can't stand the toying anymore. I hope talking about refreshing the NCEES website and talking about when results come in helps to get the results out faster. I'm not holding my breath.
  3. This bothers me to no end! No degree but their title says "engineer" in it. That's why my story above is so bothersome. I don't get bothered at all if someone with a BS in engineering wants to call themselves an engineer, PE stamp or not.
  4. Item III Closed Session - Personnel Matters, Examination Procedures and Results, ... So the Board will be discussing results, not approving them. Even if they were approving the results, what makes you (ndekens, not ptatohed) think necessarily we will know if we passed or failed within a week of this meeting? The Board is a government agency. Expect long waits for everything.
  5. Note: OP lists TROLLING under interests. I'd be skeptical of any "information" you glean from this thread.
  6. I'm sure that is quite common. However, this woman is in her mid-twenties, with no college degree, without any management experience, and is, according to my wife, a pathological liar. Her "dear in the headlights" look told me everything I needed to know. If I had any doubts while talking to her, I would have hesitated calling her out on her BS.
  7. x3. Check the address of the new EE licensees you are seeing. All of them should be out of state. From what I've read here on the forums, NCEES and/or the Board (depending on your state) will e-mail/mail the results before your state board posts the new licensees on the website. For example from memory, some people here have reported a wait time of up to a few weeks between getting a passing letter and seeing their name on the website. I'm afraid all you can do is wait for the e-mail/letter.
  8. This is definitely a pet peeve of mine. One of my wife's friends and I were making small talk at a party. After I told her I am an electrical engineer, she told me she is an "Engineering Project Manager," one who is in charge of engineers at a major cellular provider company. Later when I asked her where she went to school, she admitted that she didn't have a bachelors degree. I tried not to be rude, but I'm sure I gave her a confounded look. In my head, I was thinking, "So you're definitely NOT an engineering manager then." She went on to brag about her "demanding job duties." I was thoroughly irritated at that point and started asking her technical questions. I took several wireless communications classes in college, so I asked her a few things she should know as an engineering manager for a major wireless provider. She gave me that "dear in the headlights" look and changed the subject. Hopefully she doesn't go around bragging about her "engineering" job anymore, but I doubt it.
  9. ee1234

    PE vs. FE

    Before I took the PE, everyone I know (mostly civil and mechanical FWIW) told me the PE was an easier exam compared to the FE exam. For electrical, this was not the case! When I took the FE (senior year of university - general AM, electrical PM), there were dozens of problems where you literally just had to find the right equation and solve for one variable. Lots of very basic KVL and KCL equation type questions too. It was a piece of cake! The Power PE had more obscure concepts and trick/intentional misconception questions. Granted, I should know that stuff, but pound-for-pound, in my experience, the PE is a much harder test.
  10. SOMETHINGS IS WRONG HERE FRIDAY IS PE DAY, AND SATURDAY IS FE DAY. Also, don't you have to pass the FE exam before you are even eligible to apply to take the PE exam? I didn't think you could take them essentially at the same time. That's how it works in California anyways. I remember having to supply my EIT number on the PE application.
  11. danderson is correct. Although I can appreciate misplaced sarcasm.
  12. Agree 100%! As I said in another post before the test, using the Spin-Up and NCEES sample exams as a metric for preparedness, I felt well prepared for the Power PE. During the exam, I struggled with the AM problems. The PM questions were a bit more straightforward in my opinion, but they weren't even in the same neighborhood as the sample exam problems. The exam didn't even have the same TYPE of problems as the sample exams.
  13. If you are going to throw down hundreds of dollars and hours of your time to take the exam, you might as well bring books and hope to get lucky your first time. It seems like a monumental waste of time and money to just "wing it" like you did.
  14. First and foremost, I will say that the PE Power exam was nothing like I was expecting! I did the Spin-Up and NCEES sample exam books multiple times and in my opinion very few problems on the PE were representative of what I prepared for. I found the afternoon questions to be EXTREMELY easy. The morning questions were a bit trickier I thought, even if they were more conceptual than mathematical. I was prepared for a more 'math-based' exam, and not concepts questions. I think I did 15-20 actual calculations on the exam. The results of the AM questions will definitely determine whether or not I passed. We'll see... Best of luck to everyone! Now we wait.
  15. Also, I haven't been calculating my results from the sample exams, but I would say I got somewhere between 92 and 95 percent of NCEES sample exam problems correct on my last attempt.
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