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  1. Thanks! I have already tabbed the EET books and have all the references. Just need to build a TOC to locate stuff and pass.
  2. Thanks to a lot of reviews on here, I decided to pony up and take the EET course (morning webinar and construction on-demand). It's been a few years since I have taken the PE, but thankfully some of the references have not changed and those that did I was able to get through work. I've known people who have taken boxes upon boxes of books into the exam and people who have taken very little (the last time I took it a guy showed up with only the CERM and one calculator). That said, I was wondering for those who have taken previous prep courses, did you take multiple prep course notes into the exam with you or just the most recent prep course notes? I took Test Masters through work three years ago and while some things have changed, I was wondering if any of that would help in addition to EET's notes. I plan on breaking down the EET notes into individual binders for easier lookup. I figure with all the reference material, binders for each subject and all the miscellaneous stuff (calculators, snacks, etc.), I would be toting two plastic bins on a dolly. Look forward to meeting those taking the webinar starting next Saturday. Appreciate the input and good luck studying.
  3. I went ahead and signed up for the live webinar for the morning and on-demand for the afternoon construction depth. I sent a lot of emails and Samir answered them within an hour, which was good in itself. He also gave me a military discount, which really helped in the decision making. I should have my binders by tomorrow. I already have access to the previous semester's info and will start reviewing that and tabbing this weekend.
  4. Congrats. Did you find out via letter or did they email you? I am taking the PE in AL this October and the last time I took it they sent letters only (2012).
  5. jta2010, Did you take the course live, live webinar or on-demand webinar? I have been reviewing comments on here lately and it seems that EET is the one to take. I don't think I've seen anyone fail the PE after taking their course. Hope I'm not the first one. I'm thinking of taking the live webinar for the morning and the on-demand for construction since the live webinar interferes with work. Also, how were their books they sent out?
  6. A co-worker of mine had an interesting theory: NCEES looks more at the AM portion of the exam than the PM. Essentially, his theory is that if you get an 80% on the AM portion, it's weight carries more and you don't necessarily have to get 24 right on the PM portion. I dunno, but I think he sniffs the marker pens a little too much. Just thought I woud share...
  7. I'll either give up or give water resources one last try.
  8. 49/80 Construction, Alabama I did worse this time around (last took exam two years ago) AFTER taking Testmasters.
  9. Anyone have some good references to use for Construction? I've tried three times now (1st was WR/Env, 2nd and 3rd was Construction). The 2nd time I tried (two years ago) I had a hard time getting reference material but this time I was able to find nearly everything in my office's library. Of the two times I've tried Construction, I've never seen any timber problems (thank goodness). But for some reason, I get the bad probelms that I cannot find a reference on. I used nearly all the refernces I had this last time (except 3). I even took Testmasters this time around since my Transportation knowledge sucked and I wanted to be able to get over the hump. I'm considering just giving up on the damn thing since it's more for personal than professional (Gov't won't give a raise for passing), but figured I'd see what's out there before making up my mind.
  10. I feel for you. I know several people here in the office that took it multiple times before achieving the desired results. I hope you try again, but wish you the best either way.Good luck! Thanks, I appreciate that. I'll have to see what the diagnostic report says before I make up my mind. My four year old hates to see his daddy stressed out studying for years on end. Pretty much been studying his whole life.
  11. My wife said I got my letter from AL today; FAIL. Not sure what the score was, but I took mine in Construction. I think three times is enough for me.
  12. Congrats autiger95. Do you live in AL? Just wondering since they apparently mailed out the results Wednesday and you just received yours. I'm in VA and have my wife on stakeout for the mailman.
  13. I too am waiting for the letter from AL. I live in Georgia so i'm thinking it might be today or tomorrow before mine arrives. I really wish Alabama would jump into this new age of computers and that internet thing. I'm kinda expecting a guy on a horse delivering my letter from Alabama though. I noticed the $50 additional money if costs this time around ($250 when I last took it in 2010). I thought that was for using email. I guess that fee went to feed the Pony Express. I live in VA and have my wife on watch for the pony to come clopping through the neighborhood.
  14. Has anyone from Alabama gotten their letter yet? I saw where someone posted that the board was sending the letters out Wednesday. Congrats to all who passed. I hope thrid time's a charm for me (Civil/Construction).
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