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  1. Eric, This would be a Lifting and Rigging Type Problem on the exam. If you are taking the Construction PM, there will at least 1 problem, maybe 2 on this overall topic. I would say out of those 2 questions, most likely (75%) it will not deal with sheaves. However, the tough part about studying for this exam is you never know what questions they will ask. So you have to prepare for everything. I found a pretty good pdf on this topic at, Good luck on the exam. Mark
  2. The questions on the exam are random. But you are correct the NCEES practice exam and most others follow the NCEES specifications sequence. I would organize your reference material according to discipline though (construction, geotech, structural, WR, Trans), and tab the Topic (Project Planning, Means and Methods, etc) and subtopic (Quantity Take off methods, Cost estimating, etc). This approach still follows the NCEES specs/guidelines but allows you to quickly move to section to section. Ex. If the problem has to do with Schedules - move right to the Construction book in Project Planning and find then find the tab labeled Project schedules. It is easier to tab the CERM book this way too.
  3. Why not apply for the test in April? If you have no kids I think you will have plenty of time to study and pass. Then if you miss one of the tests, which most likely you will, you can regroup/refocus in OCT. In order to get your PE quicker, I would recommend this approach.
  4. Yes, you are correct with the above answer. That amount does matter on the test though. So make sure you account for all of it.
  5. In the construction PM, there is a chance of 1 question on timber. It is from the "other topics" section. So that is why test masters probably put the material in. I would scan the material and not worry about it too much. Since the test is FRIDAY!!!
  6. Yes, I would go with C too. The question asks for most nearly which means the closest number, which is C. This is a good question because it makes you pay attention to what is actually being asked. This is important to pay attention to on the exam. There are a lot of easy answered missed because of this.
  7. Those are good goals, it is great to dream big. You have a lot of work in front of you, stay Focused and you can make it happen.
  8. Your welcome...Stay committed and focused. You will be able to pass this exam. This little struggle will just make you a better Professional Engineer.
  9. billyluv, Just to clarify - the learncivilengineering website does NOT offer a class. I do recommend an online class from MGI Management Institute, which is a low cost option with a lot of sample problems and a money back guarantee. It is very good, I have reviewed it. However, for you I would recommend going to an in person class from School of PE, PPI, or Testmasters. Use the material on my site and take the class. You definitely need to try something different with your study habits and preparation to get over the hump. You can do it though, and definitely don't switch disciplines again. Just commit and make sure to study the right material.
  10. Billyluv, I am almost done with a site redesign. So in a couple of weeks it should be a lot more user friendly. Let me know if you have any questions.
  11. I am still looking for someone to help me with some geotech problems and study notes. Let me know if you have any expertise in the AM side of geotechnical engineering and will to hep out. Thanks
  12. I don't think I have ever seen a project site WITHOUT signs saying who is constructing the project and who is the A/E firm designing it. So yes I think it is okay.
  13. I am wondering what people here thought about the Construction Afternoon part of the exam? Of course be careful on what you say about it. But overall did you find the questions fair. Were they similar in difficulty to the NCEES practice problems? Any other feedback? Thanks.
  14. Good advice above.. Also make sure to tab every section in your OSHA book so you can quickly find those answers.
  15. I think the problem is wrong(or just worded poorly). The answer should be $2700. The question states that the whole crew is needed for that production rate. So the crew cost is $108/CLH and you need 25 hours to complete the job(5000sf/200(sf/LH)). So it really is that simple and the Labor cost is equal to $2700. Of course with no overhead or profit added in. When you are working crew production hours do not average the LH, unless the problem specifically states for you to do something like that.
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