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  1. Still Waiting for wisconsin myself!
  2. Some state boards hire PCS, a priavte third party testing agency to handle all of the testing, paper work, and reporting. Funny how the company is owned by a few political big wigs!
  3. would have been 26 and 1 month last spring but failed. Hoping for a pass this time
  4. i had a 40/80 the first time. But I had some personal problems pop up, It was a great eye opener to prepare for it again. Hopping for a great response this time as I doubled my study time the second time around.
  5. All this talk is making me nervous! Still waiting here
  6. Yea, Illinois is strict on your reference mats, but they don't care about the PE exam/experience order. But to get your stamp you need to meet all the requirements.
  7. I took the PE Power in WI. Still waiting my results. Was wondering if anyone who failed could post the amount they got correct here just so I have an Idea if I did fail by how much, See if we can figure out what bar was set at this time around. Thanks All!
  8. Ishayya, Contact your state board. Each one is different for requirements! some will require you to have 4 years supervision, others will accept what Da_souljah said above. But read the sentence to the T, state boards are like lawyers, each item needs to be carried out exactly or they may not approve the application the first time through. This happened to me since I sent my letters in and they weren't sealed. I opened each one, which was still signed and stamped by each PE. But they disqualified them as not being sign and sealed "from my view" was what I was told but it didn't say on the application. Had to resubmit and almost missed the deadline.
  9. I took the PE Power for the second time last friday. I'm an electrical construction consulting engineer. The Power exam goes way to much into depth of the inter working of Power equipment. If I don't pass it this time I will be taking AE PE this spring. I'm interested in an online study group, as well as knowing what reference materials are to be used.
  10. A Slater.... I think I know that guy. Took PE Power as well. I think I did pretty well. It seemed to not have an equal balance of problem types. very few lighting and econ problems. The sample exams I took had about 75% work (calculation) problems with 25% word (theory) problems. The actual exam seemed to have an equal balance of word to work problems, 50/50
  11. is the GA tech Binder availabe anywher eonline for purchase or for download. I';ve heard the fault diagrams are great for PU calcs. This is the one area I'm missing in my references. Thanks ahead of time for your help!
  12. Here is the extra math, I had to do it in order for it all to make sense to me. z=sqrt( R^2 + (3.8R)^2) 1.126 = sqrt( R^2 + 14.46R^2) 1.268= 15.46R^2 .082=R^2 .286=R 1.126=sqrt(.29^2 + X^2) 1.1839= X^2 1.089=X .29 + j1.09
  13. I agree I've been trying to put together a good formula sheet but I seem to be lacking key areas, if anyone else has a great sheet to share it would be most helpful.
  14. I transitioned jobs between IL to WI, came back to IL to take the exam because I was living there when I register in Jan. Studied with all WI takers prior to the exam. I looked up the IL rules and I thought they just said no hand written notes, So I typed everything I needed that I couldn't find in a book at my disposal (short on cash from moving and job transfer). Unfortunately I was relying on that information too much and I was denied the use of that book.
  15. Due to some unforeseen personal issues my studying schedule was interrupted and was incomplete this spring. I going to start sooner this time around to make sure I can account for any similar problems as well as take the exam outside of IL and their stupid rules! I used the Spin up book, worked all exams. Used the NCEES sample problems. Had some $$ limits this spring so I used a few Power text books from college, nec 2011 from work, and a few Printed handmade notebooks (rejected at the door). From my experience this April, the actual exam questions weren't worded as clear as the spin-up problems, I had a hard time on a few problems figuring out exactly what they were looking for, any pointers at becoming better at determining the "proper" items to solve for would be helpful. Being that my notebooks weren't allowed, some terms and definitions that I'm not too familiar with I couldn't look up in my reference material. Is there any reference material that would better cover Power terms, preferably with a short pharagraph summary? Hopefully looking for something that isn't a textbook as they aren't geared or written for the PE exam and get way to lengthy before getting to the actual "definition". outside of the Spin-up exams and the Ncees exams, are there any other sample exams that people feel match the question style of the exam better? If anyone has any non-copyrighted notes, PDFs, or cheat sheets they made that assisted them in studying and used on the exam I'd be most appreciative for this assistance!
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