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  1. Good luck to everyone taking the test. If you are here you probably put in the time and will do fine. At this point the work is done. Don't forget to relax a bit to clear your head for a day or two before the test.
  2. FYI, numbers are up on the website
  3. So how long is it until we get our PE registration numbers? Does it really take the full 4-6 weeks or will it come sooner?
  4. I think I saw that Rockett passed on the other results page. I think we all made it through. Thanks to everyone here for helping me pass. I know that there were references and tips that were posted here that I used on the exam. Thanks and Congratulations.
  5. Although as a Cardinals fan I should have said No-Hitter* I guess you can have the no-no and we will take 2006 instead. That game 7 was one of the greatest games ever played.
  6. Good job Mets Fan, seems like you had a prety good few days there. Passed the test and a no-hitter
  7. Who all is still waiting? Is it just Rockettt and MetsFan? Good luck and I hope you hear soon.
  8. Awesome Krakosky, I was hoping to hear good news from you.
  9. Thanks, Congrats to all who have passed. I hope the good news keeps coming in for all of the Mechanical people. I know that everyone in the mechanical forum helped so much.
  10. I felt confident after the test but you never know. My heart was pounding so hard when I opened the email. I am glad it is over and things can move on finally.
  11. For all of the mechanical people who were posting here before the exam. How did it turn out? I passed HVAC in MO.
  12. PASS - MO - mechanical HVAC. I am right there with you outlaw. My heart was beating out of control when I opened the email.
  13. Does anyone know where I can find a map like this from previous exams? Thanks
  14. No the candidate agreement prohibits slide rules and computers like that.
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