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  1. NJ - Electrical and Electronics - Passed. Special thanks to this forum
  2. BE 2003 MSEE 2008 EIT Oct 2009 PE April 2013 Total work experience of 7 years of which only 4 was usable for PE. The previous 3 years were outside US and hence not applicable.
  3. BTW, NJMike was right, PCS has posted the result on their website. I passed. Now waiting for official email.
  4. Dont be sad. You will pass the next time. I wish you my good luck.
  5. PCS website has posted the results! I passed, 2nd try.
  6. I dont think so, last April, NJ results were out on the 2nd day.
  7. desi_girl


    Oh Boy! mjco04, better luck next time. Alteast you know now how to get it right the next time...Now I am scared!
  8. desi_girl


    For which state? I think NCEES is incharge of the results, in coordination with the particular state. I believe PCS is only associated with the testing. They collect and send the results to NCEES. I dont think NCEES sends the results back to PCS..Thats such a time wasting process
  9. no..I think, NCEES is waiting for NJ's approval to send the results out. Tomorrow for sure :-) All the best!
  10. desi_girl


    Congrats to all who passed. Nothing from NJ yet, nothing on NCEES website too..
  11. This is not true in NY. They also do not require recommendations, just endorsements from your supervisor for all qualifying time. Oh, thats even easier then ! :-)
  12. Yes, I forgot to add that all my experience was in chronology, deparated by Project name, duration (month, year) and the name of the licensed PE I worked under.
  13. Hello RedstripeCE, I am from a different field and with a bachelor's from a different country. When I applied at NJ, I was 8 months short from my 4 years of work experience in . But I think due to my MS degree, they waived those 8 months. I made sure I included all minute details on "design/ engineering" related work experience. Anything that I could remember and find on my workstation was in that application. Even if that means you have to explain the basics like developing design documents, flowcharts, preparing drawings in A.CAD, be very specific. All US experience has to be under licensed PEs. Do not limit your description. Keep the words flowing. It is rather beneficial to include repetitive description (on different projects) rather than falling short. I made sure to include my work experience from outside US too, although it is not acceptable. Just to give an idea of all the engineering work I have done so far. Your PE recommendations should be strong enough. Try to get great recos. It helped. My application was approved in the first go. My friend who worked in the same company and had same qualifications as I, and probably a year of added work experience got rejected at NJ. They mentioned "lack of design exp" as the reason. I think it all depends on how well you describe.
  14. I agree, I dont think board meeting has anything to do with the resuts. In that sense, NJ had its board meeting a week back, still no results!
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