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  1. Yeah, so after reading all of these stories, mine is feeling pretty insignificant. lol My little screw up accumulated into nothing. No harm done luckily. Can't wait til I make a real mistake so I can add to this thread though.... not!
  2. So I'm really, really busy. Pretty much set up for failure, but we pretty much all are here. Anyhow, I just made my first mistake that I don't see myself getting out of. Remember, I've only been here almost a year. A few weeks ago, an application engineer and account manager asked me to come up with a better dust cover for a customer. I looked at some of our current ones, read up on a study we did in the past, and hammered out a proposal. At the time, I did ask them to let me know which dust cover they were already using, but they never got back with me and I didn't think much of it, because I thought I made one with the tighter clearance than any of our other covers for this application. I sent them the cross sections (with no dimensions) a few days ago. They came back and wanted to see the current cross section. So I asked them again which cover they were using. They found out for me and I had the designer make up a cross sectional view. During this, I found out that it has the same clearance as the dust cover I made. WTF. This was a common one too and I had looked at it, but I had it in my head that mine was 25% tighter. So I just shot off an email to the app. engineer letting him know that the current is equivalent to what I came up with and that it's a pretty darn good dust cover already. We'll see what happens. Hopefully, he hasn't shown the customer yet, because we're supposed to be meeting with them next week. Anybody else have a story like this? It'd make me feel better if they did ;p
  3. I've worked at this place for 11 months. Started at associate level (Level 1) and now I will be transitioning up to Level 2. I've had to take on a LOT of responsibilites since we relocated and lost some senior level engineers. How much should I settle for? I've heard that it's usually 5-10% increase for a promotion, but that's just speculation. On salary.com I'm right at the median level and to be median at the next level, that's a 20% increase. Should I hold firm to that or what? I know it's a sensitive thing to do, so I need advice.
  4. The Shield! I've never been addicted to a show until that one. You missed a good premiere though. I think they rerun the shows on Sunday night. Keep an eye out. Thank goodness I have a DVR now Deadliest Catch is a really good show. I usually stop to watch it while channel surfing.
  5. Ferg_AR

    Gun poll

    I just have a .40 cal Glock, 12GA scatter gun, Remington .270, S&W 30-30, 4-10 scatter gun, and some pellet guns. I didn't count the little ones though. I don't have much ammo, but I just started buying a box of .40 hollow points everytime I go to wal-mart. Can't ever have too many guns or too much ammo in my opinion.
  6. BS Mechanical Engineering EIT Working since Jan 06 NW Arkansas Manufacturing 50k-55k
  7. :google: owns me ...at least that's what my girlfriend says.
  8. This looks like an awesome book. It's call Skunk Works. It's an autobiography of a guy who ran it for years. You can read the intro and a couple pages of the first chapter by clicking on the book picture in the link. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/031674300...5994457?ie=UTF8
  9. I took a look at that salary.com site. I'll just say that I'm a little more pleased with what I'm making now. I'm right at the median.
  10. Ferg_AR

    HVAC Folks

    More and more residential systems are incorporating outside air, but it's still very rare on normal houses. Houses are becoming so tight that they need some fresh air input to keep the air quality at a decent level. Which reminds me, I had to argue with a coworker (I'm 23 and have worked in residential HVAC since I was 8 or 9 with my dad) that our system here at my office didn't bring in O.A., and I have looked at the entire system, it's easily visible. He was also trying to tell me that every residential system brought in O.A. I just shook my head and went on, it didn't do any good telling him different. He's one of those guys that is kind of a know it all, but mostly one that once he thinks something is one way, you can't convince him otherwise.
  11. I don't know, that stuff dries up pretty quick :whatever: :cig:
  12. I'm designing a watertight pushbutton. It has 2 pieces of machined stainless steel (303). One piece looks like a piston and the other is it's housing with a positive stop. For the seal, I have a neoprene washer with a beveled outside edge (to minimize friction). It is sort of like an o-ring setup, but the pointed edge makes it easier to depress and rebound. I'm using lithium grease as a lubricant and it's working well, but I'm concerned about how long I can expect it to keep lubricating the seal. A tiny bit of grease still tends to seep out of the front of the button after playing with it since yesterday morning (I'd estimate 300-400 cycles). I didn't put much in it to begin with, so I'm not sure if it's just excess or what. Has anyone had experience with a situation similar to this? It's also doing something that is most likely not going to be acceptable. After letting the button sit for 30 minutes or so, the button takes a significantly higher breakaway force to depress it. Could changing over to a different lube help? Thanks, Ferg
  13. Ferg_AR

    HVAC Folks

    12-15" of blown cellulose insulation and 2 or 3 "whirlybirds" with eave vents will do wonders. What tonnage is the unit and how many sq ft are upstairs?
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